LFP - Large-Format-Printing

Azon EDGE new revolutionary and most competitive UV printer on the market

Monday 08. March 2021 - Fits everywhere, easy usage, durable, easy maintains with warranty, endless printing possibilities The build quality, ease of use was and unique specs make the Azon Edge stand out for the price in its class with 2880 dpi.

• The machine offers inline printing of any combination of colors and clear finishes along with white in a single pass.
• Extraordinary resolution of 2880 dpi delivers outstanding image
quality in all print models and materials.
• Print 3d and special effects – single pass up to 5 layers in inline mode, creating emboss or raised print up to 2mm.
• Prints compliant BRAILLE signage – Build up perfect domes of hardened material to make government compliant braille signage.
• Eco Led UV inks – with En-71/3 Toy Safety Certificate. Little to no (VOCs) are off-gassed which makes for an eco-friendly process.
• Easy maintains, stable inks – The machine includes a white ink circulation technology which is designed to keep the white ink in solution. Ink circulation system is programmable and is designed to encourage 100% usage of the ink. New large capacity bulk Ink system, which decreases the time between refills. Ink waste is minimized and you can print continuously without interruptions. In addition, this system controls the discharge of white ink, reducing ink waste and eliminating manual maintenance. Inks that allow printing on more items with less hassle than other printers.
• User friendly software for beginners decreases needs for Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop and advance software for experts and unique special effects
• Faster Production Speeds – The faster print speeds and faster production times means you get more done in a shorter period of time.
• Lower cost – Because of the finished hardness of the ink, you often don’t need to buy additional materials for finishing and mounting the work. Special covering laminates are often not needed at all.
• Markets and Applications – can be used to decorate promotional products, create indoor signage, awards, packaging and more. Prints on substrates such as plastic, wood, glass, and metal.

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