Gain A New Customer Experience With Real-Time Customized Packaging

Thursday 07. January 2021 - Now you can print real-time events, like a daily horoscope on your birthday cake box or an invitation for the music event on a takeaway coffee cup. As the e-commerce marketplace boomed and takeaway orders are increasing, the importance of brand differentiation has come to a new level.

Printing names or customized design are not enough. Azon UV Direct To Shape Series brings innovation for unique packaging. Creating environmentally friendly, individual 3D designs, that offer customers a unique and tailored brand experience in real-time.
Personalization is the key. The biggest demand for changing customer experience is personalized packaging. Customers want to feel like what they buy is a reflection of themselves. Azon direct-to-shape UV series can personalize up to 92 cm height packages, including roles and round packages up to 33 cm diameter. Come with optional bed sizes of 590 mm x 1200/1800 mm, 1100 mm x 1200/2500 mm. With the possibility of developing specific industrial state-of-the-art, custom-made OEM printing equipment.
Tactile effect for luxury packaging. The versatility of Azon UV white ink as a base for high-density CMYK layer delivers unusual and creative textures, 3d printing, ADA, and Braille on all materials. It brings a completely new level of personalization, taking product individualization to a high-touch.
Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. The must-have! The range of eco-friendly products is expanding and Sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority for both brands and consumers. Full-featured Azon RIP software and flex, Phthalate-free ink with EN 71-3 certificate ensures quality print and safe use on various sustainable and eco-friendly materials and in overall the lowest running ink cost per 1sqm. The main advantages of the Azon UV printer series are that you can print a limited amount of custom packages and then quickly switch to another package design, rather than having to print massive amounts of the same design which speeds up the production process but also cuts back on the amount of waste, making personal packaging more sustainable.
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