Papers made from hemp, agave and bamboo – Hahnemühle launches sustainable artist papers

Tuesday 16. February 2021 - For the first time Hahnemühle hosted the CAA Digital Creative Days together with its Creative Art Allience partners Schmincke and da Vinci. All three companies put together an inspiring entertainment and information programme in place of the CreativeworldPaperworld trade fair that normally takes place at the end of January.

Hahnemühle launches innovative ‘Natural Line’ papers at CAA Digital Creative Days
Dealers, distributors and end customers received all the news about Hahnemühle’s high-quality artists’ papers virtually directly from the company.
Sunday 31 January 2021 saw the global launch of the Natural Line – premium, innovative and vegan artists’ papers. With the new papers Hemp (hemp) and Agave as well as the already established Bamboo (bamboo) paper, Hahnemühle focuses even more on resource-saving papers in the zeitgeist of environmental protection. The high number of environmentally friendly fibres bamboo, hemp and agave used in the production of the papers is unique on the market.
With the product launch of the mixed media paper Bamboo in 2008, consisting of 90% bamboo fibres and 10% rags, the company is increasingly focusing on fast-growing and sustainable fibres for artists’ papers. Over the years, other Bamboo papers and books for various painting techniques have been added to the range. Today, Hahnemühle’s “Natural Line” includes the artist papers Agave Watercolour for watercolour painting, Hemp Sketch for sketching, Bamboo Mixed Media for various painting techniques and Bamboo Sketch again for sketching.
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