Ricoh Canada joins Vizetto Inc. rBoard Alliance

Tuesday 15. September 2020 - Ricoh Canada Inc. today announced that it has joined Vizetto Inc.s rBoard alliance. The rBoard alliance is a group of technology companies that share a common commitment towards promoting the highest standards and user experience for team collaboration. This alliance eliminates the complexity of the buying process for the interactive whiteboard and work from anywhere market.

By offering rBoardTM certified solutions, Ricoh Canada provides customers with the best collaboration experience through the delivery of simplified device selection, deployment and compatibility.
Ricoh Canada certified rBoardTM solutions integrate with display, touch and computing technologies. Combined with Reactiv SUITE’s ecosystem of software, this guarantees a unique and engaging collaboration experience for the user – whether they are working from home, the office, or any other remote location.
Vizetto’s Reactiv SUITE is an intuitive ecosystem of software products designed to make remote collaboration as intuitive as using a Smartphone. The platform includes 3 components: STAGE, SCRIBBLE and HUDDLE which, when combined, provide the ideal workflow for truly productive work sessions. Through the STAGE component, attendees can focus on getting their message across as opposed to presenting static data and images. Participants can brainstorm throughout the meeting by using the infinite canvas of Reactiv SCRIBBLE. Finally, Reactiv HUDDLE allows teams anywhere to join simultaneously, collaborate, interact, and participate as if they were sitting in the same room.
“The collaboration market has been changing at a rapid pace, and our focus is on delivering easy to implement packaged solutions,” said Eric Fletcher, Vice President, Marketing, at Ricoh Canada. “By integrating Reactiv SUITE, we simplify deployment for customers by providing them with options to suit their unique workplace environments.”
“We have been seeing a need in the marketplace to simplify the purchasing decision and worked closely with Ricoh Canada to put this solution together,” said Av Utukuri, CEO of Vizetto. “No longer do customers have to seek various components and experience the associated issues of interoperability and performance. With a certified rBoardTM solution, Ricoh customers will be assured maximum user experience and support.”
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