Ricoh unveils new subscription-based, cloud-hosted automation services to help small and medium-sized businesses work smarter

Tuesday 18. August 2020 - Ricoh Canada Inc. announced major enhancements to its RICOH Smart Integration platform, a part of its RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions portfolio. These new enhancements address organizations health and safety concerns in our new world of work, enabling workforces to better share and collaborate wherever work is being done.

New features include enhanced security, reporting, device management, more robust secured document release (authenticated pull printing) as well as specialized workflows for certain legal environments. These advancements embody Ricoh’s commitment to helping small and medium-sized businesses simplify day-to-day activities with a platform-based approach. RICOH Smart Integration technology is available in a scalable, modular subscription model, from both direct and Ricoh Family Group dealer channels, to fit the evolving digital productivity requirements of any organization.
“When we first launched our RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions portfolio, we focused on what our customers needed most immediately to help with digital transformation: scanning and capturing information. And today what customers need most immediately are solutions that address both workforce health and cost management. With the combination of RICOH Smart Integration’s focus on remote collaboration, access to information anytime/anywhere, and a subscription-based model, it does both,” said Eric Fletcher, Vice President, Marketing, Ricoh Canada Inc.
Device-level authentication requires users to log in to individual or group-level accounts at the multifunction printer (MFP) with a password or proximity card. These distinct logins can be used in a variety of ways. Administrators can set different permission levels; for example, the marketing department could have colour-print permissions, while payroll has black and white. Authentication also powers secured pull printing, which requires users to log in at the device to release jobs from the print queue, effectively eliminating the wasteful, unsecured practice of leaving unclaimed prints on the output tray. Requiring log ins also helps generate more accurate and actionable usage data, which can be applied to shape intelligent business decisions for further improvements.
RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions’ legal add-on makes filing electronic documents with a court significantly more straightforward and efficient. Courts have varied, specific file limitations, including file size. This solution compares files to be submitted against court requirements and breaks them up accordingly, applying Bates labeling where appropriate.
Each of these capabilities is scalable virtually on the fly thanks to RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions’ subscription-based, cloud-hosted model for as little as $13 per month.
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