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swissQprint Greentech

Thursday 02. April 2020 - swissQprint large format printers are, like their country of origin, known for their high tech. How the Swiss manufacturer specifically uses technologies and processes for the benefit of environmental protection is summarised in swissQprint Greentech.

In developing its large format printers, swissQprint keeps customer benefit as high as environmental compatibility. This is anchored in the mission statement of the Swiss company. swissQprint Greentech” discloses how it implements this in practice. As a result, swissQprint users achieve high added value with the smallest possible environmental impact.
Small ecological footprint
Four main factors contribute to the fact that swissQprint large format printers leave a small ecological footprint: short transport distances, above-average durability, low maintenance requirements and UV LED printing technology.
The development and production of the printers is carried out from A to Z at the headquarters in Switzerland and mostly in cooperation with local suppliers. The above-average durability of the machines saves resources – certain printers have been in use for twelve years. The reliability of the machines reduces service calls and spare parts wear to a minimum, and consequently also CO2 emissions and costs. UV LED technology requires neither heating for drying processes nor ventilation for the extraction of volatile pollutants (VOC). In addition, the LED UV lamps that harden the ink are energy-saving. This minimizes the energy requirements of the overall solution.
Highest possible energy efficiency
A fully equipped swissQprint large format printer with a 2×3.2 metre flatbed draws the same amount of electricity as two standard water boilers. Namely only 3 kWh. The printer uses this electricity extremely efficiently. Proof of this is provided by measurements and corresponding certification in accordance with ISO standard 20690.
The Tesla comparison
swissQprint draws an interesting comparison: Nyala, the largest and most powerful model in the swissQprint range, prints “at top speed” within an hour, roughly the area of a tennis court. It consumes 3 kWh of electricity for this area of around 200 square metres. A Tesla, the prime example of “green mobility”, can travel only about 16 km with the same amount of energy.
Free of pollutants
The current UV standard inks from swissQprint are Greenguard Gold certified. This means that printed matter can be applied without hesitation in sensitive areas such as hospitals or schools. This is because the inks comply with strict upper limits for chemical emissions. Furthermore, UV printing does not release ozone. And since LED systems have replaced the previously used mercury vapour lamps, toxic waste has been eliminated.

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