New catering concept launched at UV Days with SIMPL Dining food packaging

Friday 24. May 2019 - The SIMPL Dining food box is sustainably produced from renewable raw materials and is also recyclable. IST Metz produces the professional food packaging in-house using UV technology in compliance with low migration guidelines. From the use of approved inks and varnishes to curing under UV light and the cleanliness of the printing press, the SIMPL Dining lunch box is proof that food packaging doesnt have to be as problematic as is often assumed.

The only requirement is that manufacturers are fully aware of all legal requirements. Visitors to the UV Days will receive detailed information on the subject of low migration during a daily keynote speech.The SIMPL conceptSpace and infrastructure are often limited at the exhibition stand or in the conference room. This concept will be used wherever simple, quick and straightforward catering solutions are required.
The food selection is deliberately designed in such a way that no service or kitchen staff are required at an event. The UV Days will mark the launch of the caterer’s new delivery concept, in which the meals will be stored in former aircraft trolleys.
SIMPL stands for love for handmade products, the environment and homemade food. The lid features a sliding function that allows a peek at the contents without having to fully open the box, meaning the food remains hygienically packaged until it is eaten. And thanks to their practical size and low weight, the boxes can be taken anywhere.
Tradition meets modernity at the UV Days: A wooden alpine hut has been constructed for the fair, where visitors can enjoy the food from the filled boxes.The low migration print job
Two versions of the SIMPL Dining food packaging are available: a lunch box and a buffet box. Both versions were produced and finished on the company’s own sheetfed offset press, a Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102-7 LX. The five-colour print job was produced on Ensocoat 2S with a weight of 500 g/m² and a sheet size of 70 x 100 cm. The food packaging was UV-printed in accordance with low-migration requirements and the hands forming a heart were coated with UV varnish. The printed product was cured using LAMPcure technology. The basic shapes were then die-cutted out in the finishing department, including the inlays and jar holders for the lunch box used at the UV Days.
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