PadBook: The UV Days 2019 Print Gimmick Unites Tradition and Modernity

Thursday 23. May 2019 - The print gimmick for this years UV days is known as PadBook. It combines traditional office accessories with a modern tablet holder to create a compact mobile workplace.

For years, IST Metz has stood out from the crowd by producing new, innovative printing products that demonstrate the possibilities offered by UV and LED technologies and leave a lasting impression. Their aim is to keep surprising customers and those interested in UV technology with new applications.
And for UV Days 2019, IST Metz has developed the PadBook print product as a holistic concept piece. The folding case serves as a compact mobile office and includes spaces to store a DIN A5 notebook, business cards and pens, as well as tablet accessories such as a charging cable and plug. The PadBook is also spacious enough to hold tablets with dimensions of up to 240 x 170 x 8 mm. Thanks to the folder’s magnetic closure, the complete office setup can be securely stored and transported. The PadBook can not only be used as a case but can also be folded to create a tablet holder. It unites traditional work accessories with modern technology and can be taken anywhere as a space-saving mobile office.
The print job in two passes
To ensure rich colours, black is used in the first two printing units, followed by the process colours magenta and yellow. An intermediate dryer is used after the initial application of black and after yellow. The silver spot colour is printed in the fifth printing unit, adding brilliance. In the sixth printing unit, a special-effect varnish is applied, creating a fine texture in combination with the gloss varnish. This is followed by another intermediate drying step. In the seventh and final printing unit, the PadBook is stamped with a micro-texture. Finally, the gloss varnish is applied in the flexographic unit and dried for the last time. The PadBook is the print gimmick of the UV Days 2019 and can be taken home by the visitors. It was produced for this purpose on the company’s own Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102-7+LX.
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