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Germarks Pre-Press Manager talks about the advantages of the Domino N610i

Monday 25. March 2019 - José Pablo Ruiz is the Pre-Press Manager at Barcelona-based Germark, who were the first label printer in Spain to invest in digital printing technology back in 2000. Listen to José talk about the key pre-press advantages he has discovered since the installation of their 7 colour Domino N610i, Germarks first digital ink jet label press, in November 2017

José reveals, “The automation features of the N610i’s workflow process have helped us to save around 10 minutes per job at the beginning and end, with improved finishing and less time needed for file preparation.”
He continues, “Colour consistency is another advantage that I have found with the Domino N610i. We have found that from one day to another, or from one job to another, for each of the colours, the colours printed are virtually identical.”
Germark, a successful family owned business, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2018 employs 115 people and had a turnover of 13.73 million Euros in 2018. They are recognised market leaders in the premium label printing industry in Spain with a large international customer base, operating across all sectors including health & beauty, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial and chemical.
Mr Iban Cid, President of Germark, says: “Domino’s N610i digital ink jet press is a good complement to our existing range of label printing technologies, enabling us to now offer a complete range of solutions to our customers. We have been particularly impressed by the high print quality, the cost-effective production costs, and with the added value capability to print digitally textured labels.” José echoes this sentiment, “One of the main features that we quickly implemented on the N610i was using “Textures by Domino. Many of our clients are very happy with the results.”
José concludes, “In my opinion, the main benefits of the Domino N610i are the machine’s speed and its colour consistency. In addition, set up is very easy, as is the ‘make-ready’ stage, and the press requires low maintenance. Extremely low.”
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