Konica Minolta globally releases Dispatcher Suite for secure print management as well as document process automation and distribution

Friday 18. January 2019 - Office workers perform complicated manual tasks in their daily operations such as collecting, inputting, processing, saving, and distributing files. Dispatcher Suite helps automate these routine tasks. The new software is an integrated solution suite comprising Dispatcher Paragon, which is used for centralised management, cost control and security of the printing environment, and Dispatcher Phoenix, which is a workflow solution for automating document processing.

With the Dispatcher Suite, Konica Minolta is introducing a solution suite globally that can be scaled according to growing customer needs – from single small-customer installations to multi-location enterprise installations. It assists customers in centrally managing, securing and improving their print environment by simultaneously digitising their manual, paper-based workload and transforming it into automated document workflows – all integrated in only one solution suite. The suite ensures higher productivity and fewer human errors thanks to an intuitive MFP panel for a harmonised and improved user experience.
 In 2018, Konica Minolta was named “2018 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year” by Keypoint Intelligence. The award recognises Konica Minolta’s exceptional portfolio of in-house software solutions and its successful eco-system of third-party offerings. In the Buyers Lab evaluation, Konica Minolta scored best among leading OEMs in the key categories of Capture and Workflow, Document Management and Device Management, with a breadth and performance of solutions that was described as “unmatched”. In the context of this recognition, Keypoint Intelligence also listed Dispatcher Phoenix amongst other Konica Minolta or third-party solutions.
Dispatcher Suite will be released on 17 January 2019 in Europe, followed by the U.S. and Asia-Pacific. The release is just the initial kick-off for the continuous development of the solution to further integrate the Optimized Print Services and Managed Content Services business area and to create new added-value for customers.
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