technotrans introduces spray lubrication system

Thursday 23. November 2017 - Worldwide unique spray.xact 5000 system for particularly wide boards Concrete talks about prestigious projects Efficient spray lubrication systems for numerous applications

Visitors of the Blechexpo trade fair in Stuttgart had a close look at the first large-scale system for the airless spray lubrication of boards with a spraying width of up to 4,800 mm when technotrans AG presented its spray.xact 5000 system. It is the new top-of-the-range model of the company from Sassenberg that also offers an extensive portfolio of products for the lubrication of coils, boards or stamped parts with oils, emulsions or anti-corrosion agents.

“Not only was this year’s Blechexpo particularly well attended, it was also more international,” says Alois Scharf, Head of the Business Unit Ink & Fluid Technology of technotrans, regarding his impression of the trade fair. The focus of attention at the technotrans stand was clearly the spray.xact 5000 system. “Airless lubrication with a board width of up to 4,800 mm used to be impossible, which is why our stand visitors wanted to have a closer look.” Numerous renowned companies made time for talks at the stand because the new system of the international full-line system supplier in the spray lubrication sector also convinces upon closer inspection: Like other technotrans products, the airless spraying system does not require any extraction system.

The spraying chamber of the spray.xact 5000 is equipped with a new, innovative sealing system. It consists of a patented, rotating brush system that prevents drag oil from leaking out. In addition, the manual adjustment of valves is a thing of the past. The spraying nozzles, where the temperature of the oil is also controlled, are electronically adjusted and actuated. This combination results in a continuously reproducible oil application regardless of any possible influencing factors within the system. The system is particularly suitable for the lubrication of car body panels.

The perfect solution for all types of requirements
technotrans also offers just the right technology for straightforward and smaller-scale applications. The spray.xact easy system with up to four spraying nozzles and the spray.xact c solution with 40 nozzles and more were designed for lubrication tasks at forming presses and fine-blanking systems. The spray.xact reflection solution, on the other hand, was developed for the lubrication of narrow metal coils in automatic punch presses. With this system, the oil is distributed even more finely so that a mere wisp of oil is applied. The general mode of operation of the spray lubrication system was demonstrated during the Blechexpo trade fair with the help of two models
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