SETA selects Atex Digital Media

Thursday 22. June 2017 - SETA, publisher of the Alto Adige and Trentino newspapers, selects Atex Digital Media to manage the production of traditional and online editions of their two publications and as a Digital Asset Management solution for enabling content sharing.

The publications Alto Adige and Trentino, previously owned by the “Editoriale L’Espresso” group, have recently changed ownership. SETA, the company managing them, has screened the market to select new tools for content management, publishing on digital channels and sophisticated print edition workflows. The choice has been for Atex Digital Media, the Atex content management solution for modern news businesses.
The newsrooms will use the system to manage news production for all channels, also taking advantage of the new Digital Asset Management component of the suite, DM.Desk, to enable quick access to all type of sources (archive, wires, reporters) and to implement a shared picture desk for all publications.
Atex Digital Media will be delivered as a SaaS solution, set up and managed “24/7” by the Atex Managed Services team. The service will be hosted in the private cloud of Elmec, an Atex partner in Italy in providing cloud and communication infrastructures.
Hon. Michl Ebner, the new Publisher of SETA titles, summarised the reasons for the choice – “We have selected for the new properties a partner that supports our innovative view of the publishing landscape and will allows us a process of continuous improvement of the business efficiency”.
Federico Marturano, country manager for Atex in Italy, stated – “This and the other deals Atex are signing worldwide are giving a strong indication of the needs of the publishing market: simplification of the technological layer and innovative tools, web based user interfaces, to give newsrooms complete flexibility in organising publishing processes and allowing faster creation and publication of news on different channels”.
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