Evening Express live with Atex Digital Media

Friday 26. May 2017 - Aberdeen Journals in Aberdeen, Scotland, adopts Atex Digital Media DM.Print to manage the production of content for their print and digital publications and announce the first go live: the Evening Express.

Aberdeen Journals, owned by DC Thomson & Co since 2008, publishes four newspapers: The Press and Journal, Evening Express, Aberdeen Citizen, Scot-Ads. The group has decided to replace their old editorial solution with the latest version of Atex DM.Print that will be used to manage content production for digital and print properties. Actual production of print editions being managed by DM.Print while digital publishing is done through WordPress, tightly integrated into the editorial department content creation and publishing workflow.
Aberdeen Jounals will take advantage of the latest features introduced in DM.Print to make print production more efficient. With “Page Designs” it is possible for production managers to simplify the selection of full and partial page templates, picking them from automatic selections based on page definitions and advert pages.
The “Full Book” automates the creation of the complete publication. Starting from the selected page templates the whole edition layout is created, pages, dummy content and adverts. Editors need only to assign stories to the available shapes, articles and pictures will be automatically linked and paginated without manual intervention.
Raymond Barr, Senior IT Business Partner at DC Thomson, said “it was one the easiest go-lives I’ve been involved with”. The Evening Express, a daily newspaper published 6 days a week, was the first to go live, the other titles will follow in the coming weeks. A total of 150 users will work daily with the new solution.
Stewart Bowley, Sales Directory for Atex UK, highlights the usage of the latest efficiency features “Streamlining print operations is a stringent need for publishers managing multiple titles and it’s an area where Atex is investing right now. We will introduce this year additional new features aimed at completely automating the production of a print edition.”
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