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Watkiss innovations at Ipex 2010 increase efficiency, productivity and quality

Thursday 06. May 2010 - Watkiss Automation, the world leader in booklet making and collating technologies, is exhibiting at Ipex 2010 in Hall 18, Stand D821. The company will show its entire range of products, with the focus on increased efficiency, productivity and quality; including the launch of a number of new products.

Watkiss’ PowerSquare SquareBack booklet makers are already widely accepted as the most versatile booklet makers available. At Ipex, Watkiss will demonstrate an up-rated PSQ200 PowerSquare Booklet Maker with an average productivity increase on thin books of approximately 25% and, in some cases, up to 75%. To compliment this, two new products for the PowerSquare range are on show for the first time at Ipex 2010.

[ NEW ] The new PSF PowerSquare Sheet Feeder, combined with the PSQ200 PowerSquare Booklet Maker, is a high-speed near-line booklet making solution for digital printers. It accepts the output from a wide range of high-volume sheet-fed digital printers and, for operator convenience, the pallets of printed paper are simply wheeled from the printer to the sheet feeder. The PSF feeds up to 12,000 sheets per hour and includes a separate cover feeder. Paul Attew, Sales Director explains “Not all customers want an online finishing system. Nearline solutions give great flexibility, especially when you want to finish the output from several different printers. The operating speed of the PSF is much higher than cut-sheet printers, making it well suited to multi-printer applications.”

[ NEW ] The new PBS PowerSquare Book Stacker delivers huge efficiency gains by allowing the PSQ200 PowerSquare Booklet Maker to run, unattended, for extended periods. The PBS stacks finished books vertically and, with a capacity of 930mm, can run for up to an hour without operator intervention. The PBS accepts different sized books without adjustment and can be unloaded on-the-run to give uninterrupted production. The PBS connects to both online and offline PSQ200 PowerSquare Booklet Makers. “The PowerSquare connects to most high volume sheet fed printers, and its capability for books up to 50 sheets (200 pages) thick means that it handles a colossal throughput. The new PBS Book Stacker makes this type of work so much more efficient for high volume users.” Says Paul Attew ” We know that many of our existing customers will want to add this facility to their PowerSquare systems.”

[ NEW ] For users of Watkiss’ Vario and DigiVAC collating and finishing systems, including the Document Finishing System, Watkiss will be showing the new 2-KT Two-Knife Trimmer. The 2-KT trims the top and bottom edge of the booklet, to give a professional and cost effective solution for full-bleed printed work. It is perfect for a wide range of traditional and on-demand applications, where the booklets are quickly finished in one streamlined operation without the need for additional handling or finishing steps. The 2-KT is easy to set up from a digital display and jobs can be saved in its memory. The 2-KT is available on all new Watkiss Vario and DigiVAC installations, and as a modular upgrade on all earlier units.

In addition to these innovations, Watkiss will be showing collating and finishing systems, including the Watkiss DigiVAC, Watkiss Vario and Document Finishing System. SquareBack book production will be demonstrated on the Watkiss PSQ200 PowerSquare Booklet Maker and the SpineMaster. Also on show will be the L420 and L340 Lamibind perfect binders and the H520 Hydrocut guillotine.
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