InkDock – compact recirculating ink supply system

Tuesday 14. November 2017 - InkDock from IACS is a highly compact and versatile ink supply system for industrial inkjet print heads that have reflow or fluid recirculation architecture for eliminating air bubbles and pigment sediment.

InkDock intelligently maintains meniscus pressure, flow rate and fluid temperature, with absolute precision. Parameters are set via its web-enabled interface (LAN or secured WAN). InkDock drives a separated or adjacent reflow print head in horizontal, vertical or skyscraper orientation. Optimised jetting with a variety of inks and head positions is ensured by its wide range of operating temperatures and pressures. Oil, water, solvent and UV-based inks with viscosities ranging between 5 and 40 mPaS are supported by InkDock.

IACS supplies InkDock in two forms – a print-ready, customer-defined version as in the above photo, complete with print head, drive electronics and fluid reservoir (blue zones in photo), or solely the recirculating ink supply system (grey zone in photo) for easy integration with customers’ own peripheral equipment. In the latter form, InkDock measures only L250 x H200 x W100mm.
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