Workshop by adphos and ERA on drying technologies and electrothermal drying solutions

Monday 08. July 2024 - The event commenced with a welcome from Ms. Stefani Dhami, Secretary of the ERA, and the managing directors of adphos. Throughout sessions, current drying technologies were presented and compared, highlighting the significant performance differences between available systems.

Several dozen experts from the technical and economic sectors of the packaging and decorative printing industry gathered for an insightful workshop on “Drying Technologies and New Electrothermal Drying Solutions,” organized by adphos in collaboration with the European Rotogravure Association (ERA).
These comparisons, using real-world examples, piqued the interest of the attendees.
A standout feature of the workshop was the tour of the adphos company premises. Participants were introduced to the unique design, advanced technology, and versatile configurations of the adphos aNIR drying systems. The newly designed technical center hosted three application demonstrations, showcasing the effectiveness of adphos‘ technology:
• Drying Textiles: Fully soaked textiles (200 g/m²) were dried completely in just 0.1 seconds, demonstrating the remarkable efficiency of aNIR technology in textile drying.
• Cross-Linking of Coatings: A 2K barrier coating on an aluminium substrate was treated at up to 230°C with a dwell time of 0.9 seconds, illustrating the technology’s capability to rapidly crosslink coatings, which is crucial for industrial applications.
• Inkjet Printing on Laminated Paper: Yellow and Black inkjet inks were simultaneously applied to laminated paper and dried at a process speed of 60 m/min, while the substrate temperature remained below 50°C. This demonstrated the effective drying of color inkjet printing without overheating the substrate, dispelling any previous doubts.
The workshop concluded with an evening event at a local Bavarian brewery, allowing participants to engage in further discussions and exchanges. The event was considered a great success, providing valuable knowledge and showcasing innovative solutions in drying technologies.
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