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Place Maker Moss invests in Durst P5 500 to enhance super wide print capabilities

Friday 21. June 2024 - Recognised for its highly innovative approach to branded environments, Moss has made a significant investment in the Durst P5 500 to expand its growing role in delivering compelling experiences for its brand customers.

The purchase will boost the company’s print capacity and capabilities, allowing Moss to undertake more complex and demanding projects, handle larger volumes of work more efficiently and reduce lead times, without compromising on quality.
A perfect complement to its existing printer fleet, the P5 500 improves capacity by 35 percent and with its printing width of 5.24 meters, will increase the business’s print speeds on super wide materials by up to 50 percent. In line with Moss’s continued commitment to sustainability, the cutting-edge LED curing technology of the Durst is designed for unattended production while also reducing energy and ink consumption.
Automated conversion from non-porous to porous materials will enable quick changeovers, while the machine’s impressive integrated roll support will simplify media loading and changing. Integrated front and back alignment also allow for accurate double-sided printing, delivering greater print speed and efficiency.
Fully integrated data capture also provides accurate and real-time job costings, while the job ID printing aids job identification within a paperless production environment. Round-the-clock monitored health diagnosis will increase uptime and help planned maintenance scheduling within the business.
The new investment follows Moss’s investment with Durst in a P5 TEX iSUB in 2022 and its Lift ERP software in 2021.
Michael Green, Moss UK’s Managing Director said: “Having invested previously in several Durst machines that gave us fantastic quality, reliability, productivity and versatility, it only felt natural to continue our strong partnership and add the P5 500 to our arsenal. The new machine will give us even more firepower when it comes to meeting customer demands in super wide materials and will be a game-changer for us.”
Alongside its investment with Durst, Moss also added a swissQprint Nyala 4 last year and will continue to ensure its UK manufacturing site is able to produce the compelling graphics its customers’ demand.
Michael concluded; “As Moss, we are place makers and dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in print production. The addition of the Durst P5 500 to our fleet is a testament to our commitment to investing in innovation and excellence. It will not only enhance our super-wide print capabilities but also ensure that we continue to deliver exceptional brand experiences to our clients.”

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