Karleville at drupa

Saturday 08. June 2024 - In 2018 we have defined a path, and we are keeping our commitment. Flexible packaging industry transformation requires significant innovation. Collaboration with partners helps to accelerate development and growth, our customers are profiting of these partnerships.

As we continue to advance the industry, we are excited to share more about our vision to realize the DIGITAL POUCH FACTORY, always keeping in mind automation and sustainability.
At DRUPA, KARLVILLE SWISS will be guest on HP booth showing the latest technology and innovation, touching firsthand the possibility of making digitally printed pouches, from printing to pouch in a very short time and with very little waste.
We are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the KS-FB-400 Flat Bottom Pouch Machine. This cutting-edge machine is tailored for small sizes, short-run production, and digital printing, catering to a specific market niche. Our state-of-the-art machine is engineered to accommodate various packaging materials, making it a versatile solution for pet food, food, coffee, tea, and other flexible packaging applications.
With advanced automation and precision engineering, our machine delivers unparalleled productivity and efficiency, effortlessly meeting even the most demanding production requirements. The flat-bottom pouch, a hallmark of our machine, boasts a five-sided, free-standing design with a flat, rectangular base and gussets on both sides for enhanced space and strength, topped with a secure fastener.
The KS-FB-400 Flat Bottom Pouch Machine ensures consistent pouch quality, meeting the highest standards of performance and aesthetics.
Furthermore, our machine offers easy customization and adjustment to suit your specific needs, providing operational flexibility and versatility. This machine is the perfect solution to enhance your production capabilities and drive business growth.
We will be proud to show the PACK READY COMBI lamination machine (thermal + solvent less), the COMPACT slitter with integrated JetFX embellishment, the new pouch machine KS-SUP-400-H.
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