A safe and sustainable shopping experience: CHANNEL21 relies on to e-commerce packaging

Friday 07. June 2024 - In order to meet all requirements, the Thimm specialists developed innovative shipping packaging made from corrugated cardboard that is also fitted with a special security lock. The lock ensures fast and secure locking by inserting a flap into a corresponding cut-out.

Thimm has developed secure and environmentally friendly e-commerce packaging for CHANNEL21, one of the biggest home shopping channels in Germany. This new shipping packaging has been customised to the specific requirements of CHANNEL21 and has many highlights in terms of security, sustainability and the unboxing experience.
CHANNEL21 sells a full range of products via home shopping and social commerce productions, its own online shop and steadily growing online sales channels such as live shopping. The product range covers health and nutrition, beauty, fashion and jewellery to household, kitchen and garden products and is shipped via mail order to over six million customers. Therefore the home shopping provider stipulated clear requirements for the new e-commerce packaging, namely consistent quality and stability as well as effective protection from unauthorised access during transportation. It also wanted easy and fast handling and a sustainable design. Special attention was also paid to a positive unpacking experience for customers.
This cannot be opened without destroying the packaging and this would make unauthorised access immediately visible. To make it even more difficult for unauthorised persons to access the packages, they have been fitted with extended inner flaps. The rotary die-cut boxes were fitted with an automatic bottom on the folder gluer. This design means they can be assembled quickly in the manual packing process without the need for additional setup or adhesive tape. The choice of T-flute as the flute type has enabled space savings of up to 25 percent in the logistics and packing process when compared to the previously used B-flute and contributes in turn to lower CO2 emissions. The packaging was produced in two sizes so that the diverse range of goods from CHANNEL21 could be packed quickly and easily.
To make it easier for consumers to open, the packaging is fitted with a punched tear-off perforation. In this case, an additional plastic thread was omitted in the interests of a sustainable packaging solution. Another advantage of the overlapping inner flaps is the trendy white inner printing that has been simulated on them. This creates an unpacking experience while saving the cost of printing on the inside and reducing production waste. In addition to personalised customer messaging, digital codes for further interactions and brand messages are printed using the flexo direct printing process to promote positive emotions when unpacking. The packaging solutions produced by Thimm present the simplest and at the same time most innovative response to the needs of CHANNEL21 by offering customers an interactive, secure and sustainable shopping experience.
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