Guandongs journey continues: focus on sustainability

Monday 13. May 2024 - First and foremost, the progressive development of eco-friendly and high-performance materials, to effectively meet the latest needs in digital printing, which now spans seamlessly from traditional visual communication to the most innovative interior decoration applications.

Great interest in Fiberboo, the new biodegradable fabric made from natural bamboo fibers
Guandong’s Green Promenade is moving firmly in the direction of sustainability, and Fespa 2024 was the occasion to announce the achievement of an important milestone. At Fespa, the ‘Speciality Specialist’ unveiled a complete range of innovative PVC Free printing substrates, offering an eco-friendly alternative to all current product lines: “Our commitment to R&D has long been moving along several key directions,” explains Fabio Elmi, Research and Development Director at Guandong.
The result of more than two years of research and development, the development of the new Fiberboo, the unprecedented biodegradable and compostable fabric made from natural bamboo fibres, made its official debut at Fespa. “It is well known that the bamboo plant has a particularly fast growth rate, ensuring a much higher yield compared to the production of other natural fibers such as cotton”, says Elmi. The choice of this material is therefore closely linked to the topic of energy saving, from cultivation to all subsequent processing stages. “During the exhibition, Fiberboo immediately attracted interest far beyond expectations, so much so that many visitors even returned on the last day of the fair to take more printed samples”, adds Elmi. Fiberboo turns its gaze towards the intimate and warmth of the home; it is therefore particularly suitable to produce furnishing accessories, wall coverings, garment components and other textile applications.
There was also significant interest in another new entry by Guandong showcased at Fespa: the new POLY-Ecobanner, made from 100% fully recyclable polyolefin resin. The surface of Poly-Ecobanner is treated to be printed with any type of ink, ensuring high quality and maximum use versatility. Produced with 75% recycled material, the new Poly-Ecobanner by Guandong belongs to the PVC Free range of solutions and facilitates the immediate recycling of prints at end-of-life, ensuring considerable savings in terms of disposal costs and energy consumption.
In line with environmental sustainability, Guandong has also developed innovative solutions for glass decoration, using special combinations of textures and surface finishes to achieve unique effects such as embossed printing and embroidery on glass. These unique media offer an affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional glass printing, meeting the growing demand for retail and interior decoration applications.
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