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Print Matters 2024 registrations are open

Tuesday 26. March 2024 - Attendees can expect a comprehensive exploration of various facets of the printing industry at the conference. This will include a focus on economic topics, including presentations on the graphic industry in Romania and a keynote address analysing the best of Drupa 2024.

Intergraf and NOPA are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the Print Matters annual conference, happening on Friday, June 14th in Bucharest, Romania.
This conference will bring together industry experts from around Europe to share insights, tackle common challenges faced by the printing industry and facilitate connections between industry leaders.
The programme will feature case studies on printing and packaging, as well as a discussion on the influence of AI on the print industry. Presentations will delve into recent research on reading, along with findings from Intergraf’s research comparing print and digital communication. In the field of sustainability, we will look at corporate sustainability reporting and the recent European regulation related to deforestation. Both topics will come with hands-on implementation guidance for companies.
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