SACMI Beverage flies to Drink Japan 2023

Friday 08. December 2023 - SACMI is heading to Drink Japan, the countrys most important Beverage B2B trade fair (Tokyo Big Sight, 6-8 December 2023). And taking center-stage will be SACMI labeling technologies, with their market-leading speed, automation and modularity.

SACMI labeling technologies to play a starring role. Precise, modular and versatile, these machines meet a huge range of high-speed and medium-speed packaging requirements, with design focusing on the need for optimal control of different materials and frequent format changeovers. FlexiOpera PRO 200 for Roll-Fed applications to be exhibited
SACMI is heading to Drink Japan, the country’s most important Beverage B2B trade fair (Tokyo Big Sight, 6-8 December 2023). And taking center-stage (on stand n. 18-14/14B) will be SACMI labeling technologies, with their market-leading speed, automation and modularity.
SACMI has been a key supplier to the Closures sector for decades. And, for 20 years now, it’s been providing complete Beverage plant engineering solutions that include stretch-blow molding, filling, capping and labeling machines. SACMI’s strength stems from being a sole partner who provides solutions for every stage of the process. The company also offers unmatched product development expertise, working alongside customers to meet the highest international sustainability and performance standards.
Bringing out the best in your product
Labels say a lot about a product’s identity, making them essential brand enhancement tools. To apply them, SACMI Beverage provides a comprehensive range of automatic modular labelers for glass, plastic and metal containers.
Broad and diversified, the SACMI range is designed for both high productivity and medium-low speeds, and centers on system versatility, a must for modern beverage producers.
FlexiOpera, the super-fast multi-application solution
With FlexiOpera, manufacturers can apply one or more labels on the same container using the same technology or a combination of different technologies (cold glue, hot melt, roll-fed, self-adhesive). Available in a range of configurations, the solution can be installed on existing lines with ease. Exceptional machine design optimizes overall dimensions and delivers plenty of scope for customization according to the customer’s requirements.
Fast and precise, FlexiOpera can label up to 81,000 bottles per hour, with quick format changeovers. Outstanding ergonomics and an integrated vision system – the SACMI Computer Vision LVS – ensure user-friendliness and maximum final product quality.
The range also focuses on the challenges posed by new materials that enhance sustainability. FlexiOpera has been designed so that labels made of different materials (e.g. plastic and paper) can be handled on the same machine; it’s also compatible with exclusive SACMI solutions that apply labels with washable glues and handle returnable PET.
FlexiKUBE, the market’s most versatile medium-speed labeler
SACMI specifically developed FlexiKUBE for optimal control of medium-speed operations (e.g. in the beer, wine and spirits sectors, to name just a few) where format changeovers are more frequent and different materials and labeling systems are used in parallel.
FlexiKUBE is modular and plug&play. The framework is designed so that additional modules (cold glue, hot melt, roll-fed, self-adhesive) can be added as and when required. The machine also features automatic bottle positioning, provided by the optional LVS, and pairs low consumption with high mechanical performance.
New Opera PRO RF 200 15T SR 2/3/360 to be shown at Drink Japan
Total automation is the hallmark of SACMI Roll-Fed technology, as exemplified by the new Opera PRO 200 RF 15T SR 2/3/360 to be displayed at Drink Japan. Visitors will have the opportunity to get a close look at all its advantages, most notably outstanding performance with multi-format containers (up to 28,000 applications for round containers, 25,000 bph for square containers).
Opera PRO can handle a wide range of bottle sizes (from 55 to 110 mm). Automatic reel splicing – with a servomotor-controlled feed system – eliminates machine stoppages. The broad application range (labels from 185 to 360 mm wide and 30 to 170 mm tall) meets every packaging need.
As with the entire SACMI range, the optional LVS is available for on-machine quality control.
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