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Indigo Prints boosts short run and sample making with X24 Edge –

Friday 17. November 2023 - Kongsberg sells exhibit machine during IndiaCorr Expo. A hugely successful IndiaCorr Expo was capped for Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) when the company sold the table at the heart of its exhibition display to Indigo Prints Pvt. Ltd.

During the region’s leading corrugated event in Greater Noida, the award-winning manufacturer of promotional and display products acquired the versatile Kongsberg X24 Edge cutting table – with its high production speed, exceptional cutting quality and the ability to easily be upgraded as a business grows – for its New Delhi facility.
“As competition has increased in the FSU/POS/POD and packaging market, manufacturers have been focusing more on customization and personalized solutions,” explained Rafiq Shaikh, Sales and Service Leader for Kongsberg PCS. “This trend has further driven the demand for short run and sample making, as it allows customers to visualize and approve customized designs before bulk production. The X24 Edge delivers a combination of tried and tested Kongsberg productivity, flexibility and best-in-class reliability, while the ability to cope with any material with fewer manual tool changes, extra fast tool loading, auto recognition and calibration completely transforms short runs and sample making.
“The sample-making process is particularly important as it can help manufacturers refine their designs and make necessary adjustments before full-scale production, reducing the likelihood of costly errors,” he said. “The addition of the X24 Edge to its production line means that Indigo Prints Pvt. Ltd. can accomplish this with the strength, durability, and overall quality demanded by its own clients.”
To maximize the table’s productivity, Indigo Prints Pvt. Ltd. also acquired the Kongsberg PowerHead tool, which enables users to crease boards from micro flute to 3A flute and to V-notch 90-degree folds for bubble boards and board that can’t be creased. “The PowerHead tool ensures superior performance on heavy-duty materials,” said Rafiq. “The 150mm diameter crease wheels deliver a scoring pressure equivalent to 50kg, which is two-and-a-half times more than the down-pressure conventional tool stations and easily sufficient to crease triple and double-wall corrugated with heavy liners.”
Indigo Prints Pvt. Ltd. Director Mr. Triedev J Kapoor said that as a satisfied user of Kongsberg technology for more than a decade, he was quick to identify the potential benefits of the X24 Edge.
“We are a growing business, and in order both to accommodate the new orders we anticipate and to expand our capacity, we were looking to add the latest machine with corrugated finishing capabilities to our facility,” he said.
“Not only does acquiring this new X24 Edge address our current sample making and short-run production needs, but it enables us to produce accurate, die-like finish samples for all types of materials,” he said. “We are looking forward to putting it through its paces in the years to come.”
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