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Tuesday 22. August 2023 - The PrintCity Alliance presented a new environmentally friendly and resource-saving highlight product at the meeting place of the international printing industry UV Days at IST METZ GmbH in July 2023: The Multi Dual Sparkling Wine Cooler.

Practical test passed – goals achieved, customers satisfied
PrintCity Alliance celebrates Project Premiere in practical use for »Multi Dual Sparkling Wine Cooler« PrintCity Allianz (PCA)
The PrintCity Alliance presented a new environmentally friendly and resource-saving highlight product at the meeting place of the international printing industry “UV Days” at IST METZ GmbH in July 2023: The “Multi Dual Sparkling Wine Cooler”. This extraordinary project with brand partners Kessler and Benz & Co. offers co-branding based on a multifunctional and extremely high-quality design. This innovation presents a high-quality transport and presentation packaging for sparkling wine and associated additional label, thus combining the sales-promoting effect of packaging at the PoS with the practical function of a sustainable bottle cooler.
After the project launch with around one thousand industry experts at the UV Days, the Cooler has now – during a two-day event in July – proven in practical tests and continuous use that the high demands have been met.
PrintCity: Mr Benz, at the end of July you had the “Multi Dual Sekt-Cooler” in live and continuous use at a folk festival. What was the feedback from the guests and what were your experiences in handling compared to conventional cooling methods for sparkling wine?
Marcel Benz: “The most important thing in advance: the feedback from the guests was great! All the guests thought the new Cooler was fantastic! The high quality in combination with the idea and the usability ensured great feedback. And by the way, we as caterers had a brand touchpoint of extremely high quality.
Also the handling for our staff was great, the new format allowed us to work more ef ciently than with the normal cooling buckets, which take up much more space on site and at the same time also require signi cantly more ice per bottle. Our staff got on very well with it.”
As a caterer, which advantages do you see in such a cooler compared to the conventional “ice buckets”?
“We immediately had a new value for the guests. For the comparison test, we also had the classic ice buckets in use at some tables. All customers then asked if they could also have the “beautiful” cooler. This shows not only the desirability, but also that the new coolers generate signi cantly more attention.”
What is the response of the users in terms of the high quality of the presentation of the respective sparkling wine?
“Well, now you could wallow from a marketing point of view, but I’ll be brief: The response was overwhelming, really all the guests were impressed.”
How do you see yourself as a brand represented on the Cooler? And is this advertising space an important brand touchpoint for you?
“A perfect t. The presence on the cooler corresponds to our values and brand messages and is therefore absolutely consistent. For a new production, however, we would not use the Kessler logo and other brands, as it makes sense for us to be independent in the product selection of the bottles to be cooled.”
Project Details
The inlay of the “Multi Dual Sparkling Wine Cooler” has been printed with a special varnish that supports the natural barrier function of the carton and prevents it from being softened by water or ice cubes.
The result is a multifunctional packaging with various high-quality coating nishes, cold transfer and embossing, is particularly appealing to the senses and is a highly effective advertising medium.
The packaging has a double bene t and is fully recyclable due to the materials and production techniques used.
A high-quality additional label for the caterer’s co-branding with hot stamping and rotary microembossing will be produced at Label Expo by the company Vollherbst.
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