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New Sheetfed Offset Technology for the Edelmann Groups Norderstedt Plant

Thursday 23. March 2023 - Edelmann Norderstedt started production on a half-format Rapida 76 (sheet formats up to 605 720 mm) in summer last year. Access to the latest production features was the primary goal of this investment in a high-performance six-colour press with coater and extended delivery.

After all, the new high-performance press is expanding the company’s product portfolio by enabling UV finishing in an inline process. The ability to apply UV coatings in-house will also increase its product depth.
The Edelmann plant in Norderstedt is responsible for the group’s production of folding cartons for the health care segment, as well as primary packaging for surgical products. To this end, a sheetfed offset press was replaced. CEO Dr Frank Hornung explains: “We invest regularly in modern production equipment, so as to be able to offer our customers and business partners both innovative packaging-related services and sustainable product solutions.” The Edelmann Group employs around 3,000 people at a total of 13 locations in seven countries on four different continents.
Modest space requirements and a high level of automation
Assessment of the market options for the B2 format identified the Rapida 76 as an ideal choice. It was, above all, the fact that around 30 per cent less floor space is required that trumped many other models offering comparable performance and automation. At the same time, the number of printing units increased from the previous four units to six. This reduces energy consumption and the carbon footprint of the innovative carton packaging solutions. A further contribution to increased energy efficiency is made possible by the VariDryBlue dryer system, which enables the use of hot air from preceding dryer modules in subsequent modules.
Comprehensive measuring systems for inline colour control and comparison of the printed sheets with the pre-press PDF help to fulfil the promise of ‘High-Q Packaging’ made to Edelmann’s customers and business partners. At the same time, inline quality inspection reduces production waste, because the specialists at the press can intervene immediately should the system detect any anomalies.
Inline quality control and high automation
The Edelmann team in Norderstedt are delighted with the state-of-the-art equipment features that their new sheetfed offset press provides. Plant manager Simon Wallmann explains: “The sheet format of the Rapida 76 helps to increase our production options. Firstly by allowing more blanks to be printed on a single sheet, and secondly by permitting larger folding carton formats. Both these factors are in line with the sustainability goals that have already been firmly anchored in the corporate strategy of the Edelmann Group for a long time.”
Shorter runs begin from around 500 cartons. Raising the press level to handle pile heights up to 1.65 metres accommodates the expected numbers of sheets per job, as does the incorporation of a non-stop roller rack for uninterrupted production at the delivery.
Sustainable folding carton production
The Edelmann Group is also investing in a series of sustainability projects at its other locations. Technological processes are subjected to close scrutiny, and the innovative strength that characterises the group as a whole is capitalised on to develop sustainable packaging solutions for the health care, beauty care and consumer brands markets that contribute to resource efficiency and help achieve ecological goals.
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