Beaver Paper Price Increase & Credit Card Convenience Fee

Friday 23. September 2022 - Beaver Paper sincerely appreciates your business and the opportunity to provide our products to you. We are employing long-term strategies with our parent company, Koehler Paper, to ensure the uninterrupted supply and availability of our products.

We face rising expenses throughout the industry which include logistics, raw material, pulp, chemicals, and energy charges. When combined, these factors create substantial cost increases. Beaver Paper has been affected by these issues across our global portfolio of products.
As a result, Beaver Paper will implement a general price increase of up to 12% effective October 1, 2022 to offset rising rates.
Additionally, also beginning October 1, 2022, 3.5% of the total invoice amount will be added as a convenience fee to all invoices paid via credit card. Beaver Paper continues to accept payment of invoices via check, ACH, and wire with no fees.
Please be advised, orders placed before October 1, 2022, will be honored at current pricing.
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