Woodly Oy and Iscent Oy have developed an optical hologram in collaboration with Wipak Oy

Wednesday 22. June 2022 - Intelligent technology for designed packaging and optical hologram products is taking a step forward and is coming to the market in the near future. Woodly and Iscent in collaboration with Wipak have developed an optical hologram made on Woodly material.

The combination of innovative Woodly material and Iscent’s holographic technology offers a cleantech material solution to consumer products and security applications of optical holography.
“The hologram is not only visually stunning but also practical, adding value as one more security device for the packaging and its contents; not only is it truly eye-catching, it also helps protect products against the threat of counterfeiters,” comments Wipak.
Woodly offers an alternative to customers who want to reduce fossil-based plastics. Woodly material is currently based on wood-based cellulose but has the same characteristics as conventional fossil-based plastics.
Iscent has developed a unique nano and micro-scale surface modifications method called roll to roll, that produces optical features directly on flexible plastics, for example. Iscent´s environmentally friendly technology creates optical effects on Woodly material without any additional material impact.
Woodly is offering sustainable plastic material for demanding applications and brand owners that are interested in sustainable alternatives for traditional plastics.
“We see that the joint project with Iscent and Wipak is a great success. The optical hologram solution on Woodly material has a great commercial potential in the growing packaging and labelling markets and security applications,” says Jaakko Kaminen, CEO of Woodly.
“There is an increasing demand to develop environmental friendly converting technologies on sustainable raw materials. Colours generated by light diffraction increase product authentication and attraction of packages in consumer’s eyes,” comments Iscent’s CEO Jaakko Raukola.
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