Flexocolor leads the way in delivering flexo productivity with investment in PureFlexo Printing

Tuesday 08. March 2022 - The pre-press provider, located on the border between Alicante and Valencia, has been a KODAK FLEXCEL NX Technology user since 2012 when they installed the first FLEXCEL NX Wide System in the country. Their relationship with (now) Miraclon has flourished since then.

Spanish prepress provider, Flexocolor, has become the first in Spain to offer its customers the increased productivity and reduced downtime enabled by PureFlexo Printing from Miraclon.
Vicente Belda, Owner of Flexocolor, says: “As a company we continuously aim to innovate and provide our customers with a competitive advantage to stay ahead of the game, and FLEXCEL NX Technology and the expertise of the Miraclon team enables us to do so. When we learned about PureFlexo Printing and the undeniable productivity benefits it brings to the production floor, we immediately visited Miraclon’s showroom in Brussels to find out more. It quickly proved to be worth the investment.”
He adds that Flexocolor’s customers are in for a treat: “PureFlexo Printing has been proven to save customers production hours, while ink savings can also be expected. We are talking several thousand Euros per year – something that no one can afford to ignore.”
Available through FLEXCEL NX Print Suite for Flexible Packaging applications, PureFlexo Printing addresses the causes of unwanted ink spread in wide web solvent ink on film applications by providing a wider operating window for flexo production. It delivers new levels of control over ink spread, resulting in cleaner print, more predictable color and greater efficiency on every job.
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