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Truyol Digital Increases Productivity with HP Indigo 100K

Tuesday 26. October 2021 - Truyol Digital has become the first company in Spain to install an HP Indigo 100K digital press, as well as the HP 15K Value Pack. From the outset, Truyol Digital has relied on HP and its digital printing technology to help its business grow and turn its innovative ideas into a reality

It was for this reason that the company decided to make two new investments with HP – an HP Indigo 100k digital press and HP 15k Value Pack – to help it achieve its business objectives and boost productivity.
In Truyol’s continued quest for increased productivity to deliver non-stop printing solutions, the print service provider has invested in a new HP Indigo 100K. The new press has helped Truyol to improve productivity by 50%, compared to its previous presses, allowing the business to focus on high-volume, low-cost products such as flyers, brochures, business cards, calendars and other promotional marketing materials. 
Specialising in both short and long runs, Truyol Digital is committed to innovation by adopting the latest digital printing technology to increase its productivity and workflow automation. The purchase ensures that Truyol Digital can offer its customers the best-in-class solutions to meet every need.
The HP Indigo 100K is the most productive digital B2 press on the market. The press can deliver 6,000 sheets per hour, and non-stop printing, with a substrate feeding system that allows fast switchover between jobs and paper types. A continuous calibration system ensures colour consistency, as well as an auto pallet replacement system, among other features which focus on maximising productivity. All these capabilities made the HP Indigo 100K the ideal solution for Truyol, as it can deliver high volumes of work in short lead times, without compromising on optimum print quality.
Truyol is recognised for its creative and innovative capacity, providing customers with new applications and ideas to provide a differential value. The HP 15K Value pack in particular has helped Truyol enhance the capabilities of its existing HP 12000 digital press, enabling it to print folding cartons up to 600 microns. In addition, it can support specialty inks such as Premium White and improved real-time print quality control with the new AAA system.  
On a technical level, the 15K Value Pack means the thickness of supported substrates can be increased to 600 microns, boosting the development of folding carton products and enabling the addition of HP’s high-opacity premium white ink.
What’s more, Truyol highly values HP’s environmentally friendly solutions, including  chemical-free, water-based HP Indigo inks , which enable the company to  strengthen its environmental commitment and help its customers meet their sustainability goals.
“We are seeking to increase productivity and further adjust our delivery times by offering the highest quality in the market,” said Joaquín Truyol, CEO of Truyol Digital. “In addition, Truyol is firmly committed to protecting the environment and approaches all its projects from the perspective of sustainability. Both Truyol and HP are aligned in this objective and share commitment to the environment as a common vision.”
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