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Tecnau Revolution 50 Series brings increased automation, productivity and flexibility to Sattler Media

Friday 22. October 2021 - An ultra-robust design for industrial 247 operation, efficient processing of a broad range of papers in formats up to B2 and from 1-up to 4-up as well as reliable productivity at web speeds of up to 180 mmin are key features of the Revolution 50 Series.

The Sattler Media Group has invested in a Tecnau Revolution 50 cut & stack finishing solution and Splicing Unwinder u40 for its Ricoh Pro VC70000 high speed inkjet system
Sattler Media Group is one of Germany’s premier providers of promotional, direct mail and media services. The Group employs more than 500 people at three printing sites and is now implementing an innovative production concept following an investment in a high speed inkjet system and Tecnau in-line finishing equipment.
A Ricoh Pro VC70000 web inkjet press (150 m/min max. output speed) was installed at Sattler Premium Print in Bad Oeynhausen, the Group’s newest facility. A high performance Tecnau system belonging to the Revolution 50 Series was chosen to ensure optimal processing of the digital output. An ultra-robust design for industrial 24/7 operation, efficient processing of a broad range of papers in formats up to B2 and from 1-up to 4-up as well as reliable productivity at web speeds of up to 180 m/min are key features of the Revolution 50 Series.
Tecnau is first choice for pre- and post-digital printing
The automatic Tecnau Zero Speed Splicer u40 allows roll changeovers without stopping the press, not just when the end is reached but at any time, leading to a high degree of flexibility.
Throughout the process, the web is guided with controlled tension and active web edge control. Apart from improving process stability, this also enables shorter make-ready times for recurring jobs, especially if different paper types are used. The Cutter c52 permits variable cutting with perpendicular and cross chip-out for full-bleed applications. Cut sheets move on to Stacker s51L, whose delivery section reliably handles any sheets up to B2 format (51.2 x 76.2 cm) and from 1-up to 4-up; in practice, 3-up is the maximum required at Sattler Premium Print. Vacuum belts gently transport long, sensitive papers.
The installation was rounded off with a separate unwinding and rewinding system from Tecnau. Printing is thus possible from roll to roll in addition to roll to sheet, so that printed rolls can also be produced for other finishing equipment or production sites as well as for special runs. The complete printing and finishing system, which is arranged in a U-configuration and is designed to be operated by a single person, began producing at Sattler Premium Print in mid-June 2021.
“We were looking for a technically and economically attractive, fully digital solution to replace hybrid production of personalized direct mail, which was previously a two-step process, namely sheetfed offset followed by digital toner printing. Of course, since switching to digital-only with in-line finishing, we’ve been able to respond much faster to time-critical jobs, because the offset preprint and platemaking processes are eliminated,” says Arndt Wille, the Sattler Media Group’s Business Development Manager. “What’s more, the system also lets us print brochures, catalogs, manuals et cetera on demand and with variable content,” adds Christian Haneke, Innovation & Solutions Manager at Sattler Premium Print.
Sattler Media Group’s decision for the Ricoh inkjet system went hand in hand with the selection of a partner for the in-line finishing technology. Wille explains what tipped the scales in Tecnau’s favor: “Apart from the cost aspect, there were a whole series of other factors like the continuous technological development of the Revolution 50 Series, the partner’s forward-looking approach and the comprehensive support that convinced us. Tecnau scored on all of these points, and I can assure you that our assessment from the evaluation phase has already been confirmed in practice.”
Stephan Klier, Managing Director of Tecnau Germany, emphasizes the good relationship with the press manufacturer: “I’d only just joined the company when I took over the project, and I’d particularly like to mention the trusting cooperation from Ricoh. The opportunity to realize Germany’s first Revolution 50 installation for such an innovative customer as the Sattler Media Group was a genuine stroke of luck for Tecnau. The Sattler project team are highly motivated with a lot of experience, and their creativity is coupled with a very structured way of working.”
Tuned for robustness and top performance
Tecnau has established a totally new printing platform with the Revolution 50 Series. The principal challenge facing the development engineers was to come up with a robust, high-performance solution that is simple to operate. With total cost of ownership in mind, easy access for adjustments and maintenance work, a long service life of the individual components and maximum efficiency were high on the list of priorities. The Revolution 50 Series moreover offers cogent answers to tomorrow’s questions like the IoT (Internet of Things), preventive maintenance and optimal availability based on operating data analyses. The solutions are implemented, and the ongoing development process is meanwhile well under way in the form of new releases and additional features.
Robert Gubo, Area Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Tecnau, comments: “With its rugged design and high throughput, the Revolution 50 Series represents an excellent solution for the performance needs of the graphic communications industry, where multi-shift production is the norm.” The Tecnau system’s robustness is a boon for Sattler, because one to one-and-a-half shifts are already a reality on the digital production line, mainly with direct mail products.
Emphasis on flexibility and diversity
The digital production line’s compatibility with a variety of substrates is very important to Sattler Premium Print. “We want to exploit the available range of paper types and grammages as far as possible and use both uncoated and matte or glossy coated art papers. The paper weight plays a big role, too. We’re currently still limited to 250 g/m2 but we anticipate that 300 g/m2 will become increasingly prevalent owing to postcard production. In the long term, we’re also considering light weight coated papers and significantly lower grammages in readiness for products moving towards data driven marketing,” Haneke clarifies.
“The combination of an automatic web splicer, inkjet web printing and long sheet delivery in formats up to 512 x 762 mm is actually the ideal substitute for sheetfed offset in commercial applications,” Wille remarks in this connection. “That’s why we opted for a Tecnau configuration that will in future allow us to connect any third-party finishing product – from saddle stitchers or perfect binders to folders – online to the Tecnau Stack 5251L.”
Arndt Wille’s verdict is unequivocal: “The products in the Revolution 50 Series really are extremely rugged. The entire package has to fit exactly, and that’s definitely the case here. Tecnau was in the right place at the right time, and we always got an answer from them straight away. We’d have no hesitation in renewing the partnership with them.”
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