Koehler Paper sets new speed record with Voith paper machine record

Wednesday 14. July 2021 - Designed as one of the most powerful specialty paper machines in the world, Koehler Paper commissioned Voiths production line 8 at the Kehl site at the end of October 2019 - after a previous project period of only around two and a half years.

Through continuous optimisation, a trend-setting level of performance was recently achieved in base paper production at approx. 40 g/m2 at a continuous speed of over 1,400 m/min. Thanks to intensive cooperation, permanent project support and continuous optimisation on the part of Koehler and Voith, the line achieved an average speed of 1,410 m/min over a period of 24 hours and a maximum value of 1,432 m/min – a world record for the MG paper machine.
To mark the occasion, Voith presented Koehler with an engraved glass plate recording this historic speed record. At the unveiling ceremony at the Kehl location last week, Dr. Michael Trefz, President Projects at Voith, was pleased to be able to present the recognition: “An outstanding value, which was made possible by the cooperation between Koehler and Voith, the combination of extensive technological knowledge and a long-standing and trusting partnership. Koehler and Voith are thus once again demonstrating their pioneering spirit in paper production.” Dr. Stefan Karrer, Chief Technology Officer at Koehler, and Joachim Uhl, Plant Manager in Kehl, also praise the cooperation and are proud of the team’s performance on production line 8: “The optimisations have enabled us to raise our machine to a new level.”
Joint development of future-oriented packaging paper products
Another result of the successful cooperation between Koehler and Voith is the development of future-oriented products. As part of the partnership for new paper grades, Voith carried out several test series on the R&D pilot coater at the Voith Paper Technology Center in Heidenheim. The technological requirements of the new paper grades were analysed extensively and then implemented in the production line. The result is the innovative products of the NexFlex product line, Koehler’s flexible packaging papers.
State-of-the-art technologies for effective production
With a volume of 300 million euros, the entire production line 8 is the largest single investment in Koehler’s corporate history. In addition to the XcelLine paper machine and the offline coater, the project includes a BlueLine stock preparation system including a wet end process and a VariPlus winder. The production of different paper grades is designed for around 100,000 tonnes per year. An offline coater enables variable coating orders and combinations, which results in an enormous variety of grades. This extensive range of different paper grades and basis weights from 22 g/m2 to 95 g/m2 is another unique selling point of the production line. The PM 8 paper machine thus supplies finished paper on the one hand and raw paper for the further finishing process on the other.
A special technical highlight is the MG cylinder with a diameter of 7,315 millimetres – the largest of its kind in the world at the time of installation. The cylinder gives the paper a unique smoothness that is essential for optimal finishing. Thanks to MCB air dryers, the coated paper is dried extremely gently and without contact, while at the same time maintaining a high thermal efficiency. A special calendering concept ensures the final smoothness of the speciality papers.
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