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Schibsteds online classified investment in Denmark moves forward

Tuesday 29. June 2021 - As part of the transaction, Schibsted has acquired the Danish part of the business, and Today we mark that the agreement has been completed, and Schibsteds online classified adventure in Denmark can begin.

Schibsted’s subsidiary Adevinta announced a definitive agreement with eBay Inc. to acquire 100 percent of eBay Classifieds Group.
Schibsted´s CEO, Kristin Skogen Lund, together with Abhishek Roy, CEO of Schibsted’s Danish marketplaces.
“This is a day we have been looking forward to ever since last summer, and we are excited to welcome our competent Danish colleagues to the Schibsted family. Together, we will be very well equipped to develop and grow the next generation of online classified businesses in the Nordic region,” says Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO of Schibsted.
Schibsted is the owner of the leading online classified businesses in Norway, in Sweden and and in Finland. With DBA and Bilbasen the company strengthens its online classified position in the Nordic region, with some of the most well-known and best-liked brands in Denmark.
DBA is Denmark’s number one marketplace with more than 2 million unique monthly users, while Bilbasen is Denmark’s leading marketplace for trading cars. The two companies have a total of approximately 130 employees, primarily located in Copenhagen and Aarhus.
“During the past 12 years with eBay as the owner, DBA and Bilbasen have become an increasingly important part of Danes’ lives. This has not least become evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, where more than 2 million Danes have used our marketplaces every month. Now we are ready for a new era, and we are very happy to become part of Schibsted,” says Abhishek Roy, CEO of Schibsted’s Danish marketplaces.
Roy expects that Schibsted will contribute to the Danish operations taking new steps in the development of products and services on their platforms.
“In particular, Schibsted’s investment in sustainability and green transformation – and not least the inherent innovation ability they are known for – will help us develop DBA and Bilbasen’s market positions further and help us reach the objective of creating the strongest trading ecosystem in Denmark,” Roy concludes.
The fact that Schibsted takes over as owner of DBA and Bilbasen will not entail any changes for the users of the services in Denmark, they can still enjoy using the same, high-quality services from the same brands. In the long run, of course, Schibsted hopes that Danish users can also benefit from the classified sites now becoming part of a Nordic community in relation to the development of new products and services. In much the same way, Schibsted hopes to be able to learn from Denmark for the benefit of users in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
“At Schibsted, we have a lot to learn about the Danish market where we have so far only been present with our comparison service for consumer loans, Lendo. We know that many Danes buy second-hand and are concerned about the green shift and how a circular economy can have a positive effect on the environment. It is a key element in our marketplaces, and the precondition for continuing the success that and is the very best, says Kristin Skogen Lund.
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