Counterfeit protection from LEONHARD KURZ makes Covid-19 certificates and medical products secure

Tuesday 18. May 2021 - More and more product counterfeiters are manipulating vaccine brands, vaccination certificates and Covid-19 test results. To protect people from suffering and to strengthen confidence in pandemic measures, companies and institutions must invest in protective measures.

Security specialist LEONHARD KURZ is now introducing a new application called TRUSTSEAL Digital. It makes it even more difficult for criminals to access sensitive data. TRUSTSEAL Digital combines KURZ’s product coding solution TRUSTCODE with cryptographic encryption: This makes product data doubly secure. The resulting QR or data matrix code exists only once worldwide. It is almost impossible to generate it a second time in an identical way. For counterfeiters, this represents an obstacle that is difficult to overcome. The new QR or Data Matrix code with its unique character can be read with standard QR readers or apps that can decode public keys.
The data stored in the new code is stored on a secure database. TRUSTSEAL Digital is based on KURZ’s TRUSTCODE technology. Therefore, additional customer services or analysis functions can be integrated into the QR or data matrix code. “The technology behind TRUSTSEAL Digital is complex. However, the integration of the security solution into already existing systems is as simple as it is cost-effective for Brandowner. For example, an existing QR code can easily be replaced with a new code created using TRUSTSEAL Digital,” explains Dr Benno Schmitzer, Managing Director at KURZ Digital Solutions.
Individual coding by KURZ for digital and physical products
TRUSTSEAL Digital is the latest of LEONHARD KURZ’s proprietary product protection technologies. It is equally suitable for digital and physical documents and products. The security features it generates can be read offline and online. Those who want further security measures can combine TRUSTSEAL Digital with additional applications from the TRUSTCONCEPT programme. Physical products benefit from TRUSTSEAL Protect thin-film technology: they are provided with product protection labels that feature non-reproducible holographic designs. These also give the product thus labelled a unique visual selling point. At the same time, they signal to the customer: Here, the manufacturer guarantees the highest level of safety.
Security technology for many industries
TRUSTSEAL Digital and the products from KURZ’s TRUSTCONCEPT programme prevent criminals from accessing sensitive data. They protect people; at the same time, they strengthen trust in institutions, companies and products. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, brand-name manufacturers from sensitive industrial sectors in particular benefit from the extended counterfeit protection offered by TRUSTSEAL Digital.
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