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AngstromGraphics adds competitive advantage and faster production with award-winning Ricoh 5th Color

Tuesday 04. May 2021 - Ricoh USA, Inc. announced that AngstromGraphics, a division of the family-operated marketing services provider (MSP) the AngstromGroup, has teamed up with Ricoh to deliver enhanced color and advanced finishing options for its customers.

Family-run MSP supercharges color capabilities to attract new customers and expand existing relationships
AngstromGraphics has added the RICOH Pro C7210X sheetfed press to deliver faster turnaround times, increased color gamut through 5th color capability, and advanced finishing options such as square-back catalogs. AngstromGraphics further enhances their creative toolbox with the ability to mimic metallics using Color-Logic, the first metallic color communication system for embellishing printed materials with striking decorative effects in one printing pass.
With public safety precautions impacting the ability for in-person meetings, AngstromGraphics – like many MSPs – was eager to find a way to differentiate themselves from competitors. At the same time, AngstromGraphics wanted the flexibility to efficiently handle increasingly popular short runs. By partnering with Ricoh, they were able to accomplish both goals, while expanding finishing capabilities to bring traditionally outsourced work back in house to best meet their customers’ evolving needs thanks to the award-winning RICOH Pro C7210X.
“Working with Ricoh has really taken our operation to the next level,” said David Neumann, President and CEO, AngstromGraphics. “The beauty of the RICOH Pro C7210X is it does jobs we’ve historically not been able to quote. Its quality brings people in the door, and its versatility keeps them there, because we can now deliver at such a high level across a marketing campaign’s or brand’s various needs. Ricoh worked with us to understand where our business had room to grow, then developed and executed a plan to make that growth happen.”
The AngstromGroup commercial printing and direct mail facility is located in Cleveland, Ohio. The facility has been in business for more than a century and was purchased in 2009 by Chairman Wayne R. Angstrom. AngstromGraphics taps into its vast experience and forward-looking vision to deliver for its customers, today and tomorrow. The highly diversified company offers a wide array of print, omni-channel and marketing solutions managed by a carefully assembled team of industry-leading professionals. The team’s expertise spans print, design, digital applications, photography, mailing solutions, marketing and more.
“The AngstromGroup’s commitment to delivering their customers the highest quality, along with the agility to address evolving customer needs, positions them for success, even in the current challenging climate,” said Heather Poulin, Vice President, CIP Marketing & Portfolio Management, Ricoh USA, Inc. “The team at AngstromGroup has such a strong focus on customer experience, that success is bound to follow. These investments have given them the expanded toolset to increase the impact of their customers’ applications, with the innovative use of color, substrates and finishing, while also driving efficiencies crucial to fast turns and controlled costs.”
With 5th station capabilities, embellishments can be made more efficiently with a one-pass process by adding cyan, magenta, yellow and key (CMYK) vibrancy with a white toner underlay or clear toner on top for extra pop, while also having the flexibility to switch 5th station colors based on customer applications. Color-Logic empowers AngstromGraphics to offer even more impressive color effects, including the ability to mimic metallics and print on reflective substrates using white ink and CMYK.
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