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InterioJet: solution for printing laminated surface designs with inkjet technology

Monday 15. February 2021 - The InterioJet 3300 is a multi-pass, water-based inkjet system for printing on decor paper used for interior decoration, such as laminate floors and furniture. Boasting a fast start-up as well as brilliant and consistent finishing quality, it offers suppliers of laminated surfaces the highest degree of designer freedom and enables them to deliver just-in-time, customized interior decoration.

The InterioJet will accelerate the transformation from analog to digital printing in the laminated surface market. This water-based inkjet printing system is the ideal cost-efficient solution for short and medium production runs. Its combination of a speedy start-up and a high degree of versatility enables suppliers of laminated surfaces to meet the interior decoration market’s demand for just-in-time delivery and for customized designs – and thus to gain additional business.
The InterioJet can print on two rolls at a time – each with a width of up to 155 cm and a weight of up to 600 kg – at a speed of up to 340 m² per hour. It is built on the same inkjet printing platform as Agfa’s award-winning heavy-duty Jeti Tauro LED UV printing press for sign & display printing applications, and delivers the same printing reliability.
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