UPM extends product portfolio at its Jämsänkoski paper mill

Monday 16. November 2020 - The trials for newsprint paper production on the paper machine 6 at UPM Jämsänkoski paper mill as well as paper test runs at printing plants have been successful. As a consequence of this, the product portfolio of uncoated mechanical papers of the paper machine 6 will in the future be extended to cover also newsprint paper.

“Our employees have invested a great deal of effort and development work in recent weeks to get to where we stand today. We have developed high-quality coldset paper grades especially for domestic newsprint customers and the feedback from our customers’ test runs has been extremely good. With those enlarged capabilities of Jämsänkoski PM 6 UPM is able to deliver newsprint qualities uninterruptedly to Finland. This is keeping our site flexible and competitive,” says Antti Hermonen, General Manager, UPM Jämsänkoski.
A complete range of SC and newspaper grades can now be produced on site in Jämsänkoski, focusing on our Finnish and Nordic customers with high quality products for newspapers, magazines and advertising supplements.
“The new development enables UPM Communication Papers to respond quickly to the changing needs of the paper markets, while offering strong, fast and reliable local services. At the same time, we underline our commitment to the graphic paper industry and our customers”, says Peter Tietz, Sales Director, News & Retail, Nordic and Overseas.
The project was safely and efficiently completed despite restrictions of Covid-19 in close cooperation with the customers during October.
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