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Axpanel – the first proven system for digital inkjet printing on garage doors

Tuesday 12. November 2019 - The company AROJA XORFEX s.r.o. has launched a new technology to the market that enables direct digital print of garage panels by using the ink-jet technology.

Now we are proudly claiming that our printing solution for this area is a successful proven business case, says Jan Skopik, CEO of AROJA XORFEX s.r.o.
Mr. Skopik further states the precise reasons why it is high time to think of a change if manufacturers of garage doors do not want to lose their profits and market share.
The guarantee for outdoor use is 10 years or more.
There is no peeling of the foil in recesses or formation of bubbles on the surface, which sometimes happens in the case of the foiling technology. AROJA XORFEX uses a digital ink-jet print technology, where the UV ink is applied directly to the surface of the panel and is therefore very intensely bound to the upper layer.
Very economical production.
According to calculations and experience of customers, who have got the machines installed, up to 50 % savings occur compared to the use of the foiling technology, even with standard themes such as golden oak, walnut or cherry. This value, however, is individual and cannot be taken as technical framework, says Skopik.
Reduction of stock, waste and increase of lean manufacturing.
Skopik further states that thanks to the use of the Aroja Xorfex technology a reduction of stock inventories by up to 70 % occurs as customers no longer need to store panels with various themes because entry into production only requires white panels and the customer simply prints the theme.
Absolute freedom of design with the above-mentioned benefits.
The sheer uniqueness is also uniquely valued and therefore our customers can significantly increase their prices, says Skopik.
The implementation of the technology is in the CMYK version.
The time needed for printing a single panel of 4000 mm in length is between 90 – 270 seconds and we are working intensively to increase the speed.
The technology is delivered with a pre – treatment unit and finishing varnishing, says Skopik.
At present we are negotiating several business cases in Poland, Romania, and Belgium. In USA and Canada, there are at least 4 very promising deals. We are also negotiating with other customers in Italy and Spain, Skopik adds finally.
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