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I Print Flexible & Digital of Sipos Group Installs First HP Indigo 20000 in Hungary

Thursday 07. November 2019 - I Print Flexible & Digital has installed an HP Indigo 20000 press, making it the first print service provider in Hungary to install and implement this technology into their facility. Owned by Sipos Group, one of the largest players in the Hungarian flexible packaging market with over 30 years of industry experience, I Print Flexible & Digital serves a wide and growing base of customers from confectionary products, meats, frozen foods, and dairy products to pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Printing digitally in a digital era
The decision to adopt and implement digital printing technology to a previously all conventional flexo business was a thoroughly planned and strategic one, incited at Drupa in 2012. The acquisition of the HP Indigo 20000 is just the beginning of I Print’s long-term goal of becoming a digital aided flexible packaging solution center and one of the most important players in the market of innovative packaging technologies in Hungary and in its surrounding geographical region.
Responding to the latest market demands of the digital era, I Print sees the adoption of the HP Indigo 20000 as a major step forward in supporting Generation Z’s increasing demand for personalization, customization, specialization and ever faster turnaround times. “Our experience gained over the years, the expectations of the modern market environment, and the tightened competitive environment encourage us to find new directions and implement changes accordingly, says Márton Németh, Managing Director of I Print. “Personalized packaging technology will be the biggest target for the Hungarian packaging industry, and our existing customers are already showing increasing demands.”
Supporting creativity with innovation
The addition of an HP Indigo 20000 to I Print creates opportunities for Hungarian brands seeking to stand out with their packaging, and ultimately use their packaging as a marketing tool. “With SKU proliferation, the shortening of product lifecycles, and an increase in the number of packaging versioning, we require a high degree of flexibility in order to support our customers’ needs. This is exactly what we seek to achieve with the installation of the HP Indigo 20000,” states Marketing Manager, Balázs Sipos. “Our customers realize the discussion is no longer about chasing the lowest price, but creating real value for their brands,” continued Balázs.
In fact, I Print is already creating growth opportunities for its customers with the HP Indigo 20000. Just a few weeks after installation, I Print proudly displayed over a dozen products which were printed and provided within days of their order. This ultimately allowed its customers’ brand to showcase a wide variety of confectionary food products in time for the exhibition. “Without our services, there is no way they would have been able to showcase that type of variety with such a short deadline,” stated I Print Sales Manager, Gábor Gerely. “The HP Indigo 20000 allows us to provide more complex services, serving a wider base of segments, and different market requirements that were not previously possible with convention flexo technology.”
Going for growth with Indigo
Ultimately, the decision to install an HP Indigo 20000 is part of I Print’s greater plan to differentiate their business with innovation, focusing on specific market requirements with high quality digital printing capabilities. When asked about its future, I Print sees digital print as a major source of their growth and is ready to make history in Hungary with the first installation of the HP Indigo 20000.
The HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press is a market-proven, 762 mm mid-web solution with an image format, speed and imposition capability that make it a highly productive and cost effective digital labels and flexible packaging solution. The 740 x 1100 mm image format captures the vast majority of flexible packaging jobs and brings high productivity and imposition efficiency to pressure sensitive label applications, shrink sleeves, IML, laminate tubes and more. The press is capable of producing dozens of different jobs per day. With zero setup, minimal waste, and easy versioning capabilities, the press empowers packaging converters to profitably address the evolving needs of the market and gain a valuable competitive edge.
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