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Epson announces four on-demand label printers, for bespoke, flexible, colour labelling

Tuesday 01. October 2019 - Epson announces four new ColorWorks label printers, the ColorWorks CW-C6000Ae, CW-C6000Pe, CW-C6500Ae, and CW-C6500Pe. These on-demand label printers extend Epsons existing range to meet the needs of small to medium batch customers across many sectors (food, chemical, beverage, horticulture, logistics etc.). The range includes auto-cutter models (Ae) and time-saving auto-peeler (Pe) functionality that automatically removes the label backing paper and can be integrated seamlessly into existing print-and-apply production line systems.

All products support a wide range of shapes, materials and label sizes: the CW-C6000Ae and CW-C6000Pe can support media widths of 25.4mm to 112mm, and the CW-C6500Ae and CW-C6500Pe from 25.4mm to 215.9mm. In practical terms, these ColorWorks label printers can print anything from tiny labels for vaping liquid bottles, to large durable labels suitable for chemical drums. This media flexibility and on-demand digital four colour print (even with small label sizes) will make life easier for time-sensitive businesses with many SKUs to manage.
“This ColorWorks range has been developed to have wide usage potential,” says Jacob Kallergis, manager, product management, Epson Europe. “We’re sure that users will benefit hugely from the speed, control, efficiency and flexibility that’s offered, along with a wealth of new supporting features. We’re particularly pleased that the CW-C6000Pe and CW-C6500Pe models (with peelers) can be combined with production line systems to print and peel one-by-one labels with variable data. We believe it’s the world’s first peeler-equipped inkjet label printer to print and peel labels one-by-one.”
In summary, new and different features for the ColorWorks CW-C6000Ae, CW-C6000Pe, CW-C6500Ae, and CW-C6500Pe, include:
– Media flexibility: from 25.4mm to 215.9mm media widths.
– Compact and easy-to-use: all operations are conducted from the front, which saves on operation space. Roll replacement is possible from front, right and left.
– High resolution with colour adjustment: good print quality, use of ICC profiles in the driver and spot-colour management,
– Print any shape of label: thanks to the moveable sensor. No need for a second die cut.
– Easy integration: SAP direct support, ESC Label, Linux and Mac drivers
– Money saving: no need for pre-printed stock of labels. Print full colour on blank labels
– Integration: Peeler (Pe) functionality models fit seamlessly into production lines
– Remote management and maintenance: available through web interface
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