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Paperpack invests in BOBST EXPERTFOLD 80 to take its packaging production to the next level

Thursday 08. November 2018 - Paperpack - one of the leading providers of carton packaging and leaflets in Greece - has become the first company in the country to invest in a new EXPERTFOLD 80 folder-gluer from BOBST with ACCUBRAILLE GT and ACCUCHECK. This extremely versatile folder-gluer is enabling Paperpack to produce an impressive number of boxes at high speed with unrivalled quality.

“Paperpack is a family company with a proud history of over 125 years and during that time our focus has always been on high quality and customer service,” explained Dimitris Tsiftsis, General Manager at Paperpack. “We are willing to invest in technology that advances these values, and we are delighted with our EXPERTFOLD 80. The majority of our customers are pharmaceutical companies and they are rightly very exacting when it comes to quality standards. This machine provides all the assurance needed that we can deliver exactly what they require.”
EXPERTFOLD 80 allows users to produce an impressive number of box styles in a wide range of materials at speeds of up to 450 meters per minute. Easy to operate, it delivers both striking productivity and unrivalled box quality.
ACCUBRAILLE GT and ACCUCHECK provide a competitive advantage
It was two of the optional features for EXPERTFOLD 80 that made it such an appealing prospect for Paperpack. With ACCUBRAILLE GT, getting Braille onto cartons has never been faster or easier. It takes just minutes to set and gives users the ability to emboss Braille onto all four panels of the carton, even across the running direction.
By removing Braille from the die-cutting process, ACCUBRAILLE GT has been hugely beneficial for Paperpack in terms of efficiency. The set-up of die-cutting without Braille is around 50% quicker and the overall speed of the die-cutting process is about 20% faster.
Meanwhile, ACCUCHECK is a new in-line solution to inspect carton blanks for defects as they enter the BOBST folder-gluer. This means that zero-fault packaging production – so important in the world of pharmaceuticals – is now a reality.
“Interestingly, some of our pharmaceutical company customers actually already knew about the ACCUCHECK system, and they were very happy to hear that we had invested in it,” said Mr Tsiftsis. “We can now provide assurance to our customers that we 100% inspect the boxes during production and that they will have zero-fault packaging, which is very important for them. This is a great benefit, not only for our pharmaceutical customers, but for cosmetic, food and beverage, and all the industries we work with.”

Strategic investments help Paperpack to stay ahead
The origins of the Paperpack company go right back to the end of the 19th century, and it remains in the ownership of the same family to this day. The company has managed to maintain its leadership even through the recent financial crisis, which has been such a challenge to all businesses in the country.
“We didn’t panic and we maintained our focus on quality and customer service,” explained Mr Tsiftsis. “We have invested over 8 million Euros over the last eight years, and we are the only Greek packaging company to have made this kind of investment during this difficult period. It was the right strategic decision as our company continues to go from strength to strength. This latest investment is an example of our desire to exceed the expectations of our customers.” Mr Tsiftsis had actually travelled to BOBST in Lausanne, Switzerland to look at a new die-cutting machine. But during the visit, he saw the folder-gluer EXPERTFOLD 80.
“It was love at first sight!” he said. “I realized this folder-gluer was exactly what we needed for our business.”
It was installed by mid-May and the company is already seeing the benefits.
“We’ve had over a month of full production and we noticed the benefits from the very first day,” said Mr Tsiftsis. “The benefits have been impressive and justified our decision. During June alone – bearing in mind this is the first full month that included internal training and we are all still learning the machine – it has glued 14 million folding boxes. That’s incredible.”
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