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Roland DG launches ground-breaking Texart RT-640M multi-function dye-sublimation printer

Thursday 25. October 2018 - Responding to market demand for production flexibility in the digital textile print sector, Roland DG is excited to announce the launch of the multi-function Texart RT-640M, a ground-breaking digital dye-sublimation printer that enables direct-to-textile and indirect sublimation printing in a single, powerful device. From today, the RT-640M is available across the EMEA region.

The latest addition to Roland’s popular Texart dye-sublimation range, the RT-640M’s unique printing capabilities make it possible to print directly onto polyester-based fabrics and onto dye-sublimation transfer paper using the same ink and RIP. Delivering an unparalleled price to performance ratio, the RT-640M offers textile print suppliers a truly versatile digital dye-sublimation print solution.
Paul Willems, Head of Business Development and Product Management at Roland DG EMEA, comments: “Digital technology is ideally suited to today’s ‘print-on-demand’ and short-run production models, and the RT-640M is the ultimate flexible digital textile print solution, enabling sign makers, sportswear manufacturers, fashion producers, interior décor suppliers, and promotional goods companies to deliver agilely across a wide range of applications. Plus, its direct printing capabilities make it ideal for businesses that want to print double-sided items, such as flags and banners.”
The RT-640M makes it possible to print directly onto polyester fabrics for a huge range of applications (visual communication, fashion, sports and décor), and onto rigid items such as promotional objects, rigid boards, Chromaluxe, ceramic tiles, stretch fabrics, and more when printing on paper for indirect sublimation. The RT-640M can also be paired with a 3D vacuum oven to create sublimated 3D objects for promotional or industrial use. When printing directly to textile, the RT-640M is compatible with an impressive variety of single and double-sided polyester fabrics such as flag, mesh fabric, backlit, voile, block out, and banners. A range of enhanced features ensures even tensioning and precise, accurate prints onto even the thinnest of materials.
Roland Texart ink, specially formulated for Texart sublimation devices, offers fast drying times and transfer rates, plus an exceptionally wide colour gamut which ranges from dense blacks to high intensity orange and violet, eye-catching fluorescents, and soft pastel shades for vivid colours, smooth gradations and super-sharp images.
ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 RIP software, included with the RT-640M, is widely regarded as the premier RIP software in the textile and dye-sublimation market and further accelerates productivity.
Willems adds: “The Texart RT-640M multi-function sublimation solution really is the first of its kind on the market, and offers exceptional performance at an accessible price point. There is huge profit potential for savvy print suppliers in the growing digital textile print sector, and the RT-640M is the ideal entry point system. At Roland, everything we do is intended to help our users explore both their creative and business potential, and the RT-640M has been designed specifically to meet our users’ requirements.”

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