Kodak and Prasad launch integrated film digitization and archiving initiative in the UK

Wednesday 22. November 2017 - Kodak and Prasad Corporation, owners of DFT (Digital Film Technology), announce a joint strategic initiative to provide digitization and archiving services for the UK market. This announcement will see the installation of a Scanity HDR with full WetGate functionality at KODAK Digital Services London.

The new facility, operated by KODAK Digital Services London, includes a state-of-the-art 4K Scanity HDR film scanner with full Wetgate functionality, which is the first of its kind to be available in the UK. Manufactured in Germany by Digital Film Technology (DFT), a subsidiary of Prasad, the new scanner provides complete scanning solutions for Dailies, Mastering, and Archive film in a range of resolutions from 0.5K to 4K. The scanner employs unique triple exposure technology to facilitate constant scanning speeds, which dramatically improves time and cost barriers when scanning high density or historically-aged film content and has been designed to manage even the most delicate film including notched or damaged edges, warped and even severely shrunken film.

“We are excited to be working alongside Prasad, world-class experts in this field, to meet today’s demanding 4K workflow, as well as unlocking historical film heritage. Employing state of the art technology, capable of capturing the very highest quality digital images from film, along with offering highly optimised services to our customers is key. This is a great opportunity for KODAK Digital Services to accelerate our archiving business in the UK market and beyond,” said Antonio Rasura, Director Motion Picture Services, Kodak.

Dan Crussell, Post producer and Senior Colourist, KODAK Digital Services said, “We believe that every frame of film, old or new, deserves the highest quality attention to produce the best image possible. The addition of the Scanity to our existing technologies means that we can offer all filmmakers a tailored workflow with a variety of options specific to the needs of their production.”

KODAK Digital Services London offer a range of specialized services including full 2K and 4K dailies pipeline with grading and reviewing facilities. We also offer on-site physical inspection and repair to damaged film prior to scanning. Film is cleaned on KODAK’s P-200 film cleaner, with variable speed, tension control and solvent delivery, providing exceptional care for aged or brittle film content. Our managed service will include inspection, full cataloguing and storage.

Kodak, the world leader in film manufacturing, has recently announced the opening of three world class laboratories offering film processing and other film-related services. The opening of KODAK Film Labs in London, New York and Atlanta is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to support the infrastructure for motion picture film and in response to the medium’s strong resurgence, with two banner years of movies on film dominating at the box office and the awards circuit.

“Prasad is excited to partner with Kodak to provide high-end scanning services in London and expects to announce additional installations at Kodak labs in NYC and Atlanta soon. We have long been associated with Kodak with our 6 film laboratories in India for more than 40 years. This partnership will be important to the worldwide film industry as the need of the hour is film preservation, digitization and restoration,” said Amit Sahai, Vice President, International Business Development at Prasad Corporation.
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