Renewable solutions showcased by Stora Enso at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti

Thursday 23. February 2017 - Stora Enso has brought a wide range of renewable products to the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti, Finland, in order to contribute to a sustainable event. The company has been working in close cooperation with the Lahti2017 organisers to promote the use of renewable raw materials and sustainable solutions. Stora Enso is the presenting sponsor of the games, which opened today.

“The Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti are a great opportunity for Stora Enso to show how everything that is made with fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow,” says Karl-Henrik Sundström, Stora Enso’s CEO. “Sports events are great experiences. As shown in a recent survey, the events would be even more satisfying if spectators know that they are sustainably organised. Renewable wood-based materials are one of the key solutions that can reduce the carbon footprint of any event.”

“Using renewable materials for packaging, biomaterials, wood products and paper in the games is a good start, but beyond that we see even greater opportunities with creating sustainable events. Trees absorb carbon dioxide during their lifetime, and products made from wood provide low-carbon alternatives to many products made from non-renewable materials. At Stora Enso, we are constantly innovating and developing new solutions made of wood,” adds Sundström.

“The ski championships in Lahti will reach a total audience of 500−600 million people, so they give us an opportunity to promote the importance of renewable materials throughout Europe and even further afield,” says Ulrika Lilja, Stora Enso’s EVP, Communications. “At the same time, we will bring over 8 000 employees and guests to the games, where they can enjoy the competitions and experience the sporting spirit of Finland’s Centenary Championships.”

“We are convinced that sustainability should be an integral part of organising major spectator events. Therefore, we are very pleased to have Stora Enso as a presenting sponsor supporting us in finding new, innovative solutions within several areas of our event. We hope that together we are able to set a good example for the future event organisers,” says Janne Leskinen, Lahti2017 CEO and Secretary General.

Stora Enso is showcasing its products and solutions in an exhibition area and in two shelters at the venue in Lahti. A wide range of renewable products will be used more widely by spectators and organisers. Stora Enso’s wood products can be seen, for instance, in the main entrance gate, in the podiums, in shelters and in the interior of the ski jumping tower, while the fans’ stadium horns are made of biocomposite. Stora Enso’s wood pellets will also be used at the event for heating.

Renewable materials such as board and paper are also used in many recyclable products at the event, including printed materials, waste bins, mini snow gliders and cups. All the used board collected for recycling at the championships in Lahti will be utilised as raw material for new corrugated board products.

More than 100 Stora Enso employees from 11 countries will represent the global company at the Lahti championships, and explain what a tree can do today and tomorrow. Stora Enso will be handing out stadium horns, spruce seedlings, hot beverages and flags to spectators, who will also be able to warm up by a campfire, try to harvest wood using a harvester simulator, and visit a paper mill or a forest using virtual reality glasses.

The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships will run from 22 February to 5 March 2017 in Lahti, Finland.
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