LFP - Large-Format-Printing

Seamless resumption of printing after a crash

Monday 13. February 2017 - A new software feature from swissQprint helps customers to avoid rejects and rework. After a crash, the output software resumes operations at the exact same point on the printing pass and without leaving any tell-tale traces.

The moving print head carriage of a swissQprint UV printer immediately halts should it come into contact with a person or object. The system also stops instantly if there is a danger of the print head grazing the substrate, typically where there are undulations or raised edges. People and print heads are thus protected. But what about the print item and the work carried out so far? This is where swissQprint has figured out a new software feature to save the day.

Resume printing at the exact pass position
After a crash, two mouse clicks by the operator make printing resume at exactly the same point where the print head carriage came to rest. That could be right in the middle of the pass, without any visible transition.

This represents an immensely helpful lifeline when large formats are being printed within narrow time frames. Or imagine there is costly material on the print bed, or little to no reserve of the substrate concerned. In situations like these, it is reassuring to know that an interruption will result in no loss of time or material.

The new feature is available to existing swissQprint customers as a software update. It is already integrated in new systems.

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