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Toray to Bring New Security Printing Solutions to TRUSTECH 2016

Tuesday 08. November 2016 - Toray Graphics in the Czech Republic, a leading manufacturer of waterless offset plate technology, has announced it will be exhibiting at TRUSTECH with next-generation offset printing solutions designed specifically for the security printing market.

TRUSTECH, the largest international event dedicated to trust-based technologies, is scheduled for 29 November through 1 December 2016 in Cannes. Toray will be located in stand D-048 at the show and will be featuring the Toray IMPRIMA SD Super High Resolution Waterless Printing Plate.
“At TRUSTECH, visitors will see a plethora of security and fraud prevention services and solutions targeted at cyber-fraud,” says Mitsunori Hayashi, General Manager of the Graphics Division in the Czech Republic. “But it is also important for visitors to keep in mind the opportunities for fraud and counterfeiting in the physical world of printed materials. This includes everything from lower value pieces such as transcripts, coupons and prescription pads to highly secure documents such as bank notes passports and stamps. It can also include items like identity cards, event credentials and even pharmaceutical packaging, where counterfeiting can result in significant losses to document owners as well as potential damage to consumers. That’s why Toray invested in the development of a brand-new printing plate that not only makes it easier to produce these important printed materials but also can bring down both the cost and the environmental impact associated with their production.”
Many highly secure documents are produced using technologies such as flexographic or gravure printing where set-up can be expensive and shorter to mid-sized runs can be cost prohibitive. Now, with the new Toray IMPRIMA SD Super High Resolution Waterless Printing Plate, security documents can be printed using the much more cost-effective offset printing methodology commonly used to produce high quality commercial printing.
“Traditional offset printing is a water-based process,” Hayashi explains. “This can result in offset printing instability that can distort images and make detailed security applications difficult to produce. By moving to waterless printing, which can be accommodated on any modern offset printing press with a temperature control system, not only is this potential for distortion eliminated, but the printed output can have deeper, richer colors and support the very fine lines, microprint and other features required for the highest level of security print. As an added benefit, waterless printing reduces the environmental footprint by consuming less water and fewer noxious chemicals while at the same time reducing paper waste in the printing process.”
With IMPRIMA SD Super High Resolution Waterless Printing Plate and a waterless offset printing process, it is also possible to accurately print on special papers and synthetic materials, including the type of non-absorbent materials used for ID cards and other security applications.
IMPRIMA SD: The Details
The IMPRIMA SD super-high resolution waterless printing plate is a completely new technology, different from every other waterless plate on the market. It is able to produce dot sizes of 10 microns or less, enabling the reproduction of very fine lines, micro-text features and guilloche patterns for documents such as passports, government identity cards, negotiable documents, event credentials and more. This super-high resolution waterless printing capability not only delivers the highest possible quality for these important applications, but also is an important aid in the critical area of counterfeit prevention.

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