Lake Image Systems showcases award winning technology

Friday 09. September 2016 - Lake Image Systems Inc., the leaders in data integrity, verification and print quality inspection systems is pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting at the GRAPH EXPO 16 show (Booth #1169), September 25 - 28, 2016 taking place at the Orange County Convention Center North in Orlando, Florida. GRAPH EXPO is recognized as the most innovative and comprehensive exhibition in the Americas and this year’s "Refresh" themed offers an exciting show-going experience for a diverse spectrum of attendees.

Having received the prestigious MUST SEE ’EM award for three consecutive years, including this years’ award for Discovery Roll Inspector, Lake Image Systems continues to innovate and invites attendees to learn more about its wide range of innovative and industry leading solutions for high performance variable data verification, integrity management and print quality inspection.
The solutions being demonstrated at the show will include:
Discovery Roll Inspector, winner of this year’s MUST SEE ‘EMS award, is an all in one, cost effective and high performance in-line print quality inspection system that, unlike standard web vision systems, automatically inspects 100% of the web. It prevents spiraling production costs resulting from printing errors and helps to mitigate potentially crippling business risks. Furthermore, for a limited time, the Roll Inspector is being offered on a cost effective, click based pricing model which makes it affordable to all owners of digital web printers.
Discovery READ&PRINT is a fast and efficient in-line inkjet printing solution for reading, document matching and printing personalized messages. Discovery READ&PRINT can asynchronously track all items to ensure the proper piece is printed, using our latest thermal print-head technology, with the correct variable information. The solution knows when a piece has been added or removed between the camera read and the ink jet heads. The bottom line is that the correct variable information, graphics and addresses are printed on the correct matching pieces with minimal interruption to your operations. Offered as an integrated and cost effective package, Discovery READ&PRINT comes with all necessary hardware equipment and software tools followed up with exceptional installation, training and maintenance services. It is the perfect solution to increase throughputs and maximize postal rates – enabling higher open rates and ultimately superior campaign success rates.
Discovery MaxScan, winner of a MUST SEE ‘EMS award at GRAPH EXPO 2015, provides true 600DPI inspection resolution for web and sheet widths up to 36″ in full color. Discovery MaxScan is perfect for digital print applications which require inspection of the full web width for controlling document integrity, front and back matching, color registration errors and print defect detection. Requiring significantly less headroom than traditional camera based inspection systems, this technology is ideal for integration within the transport system of a printer or press, without the need for costly additional rollers, redesigned web paths or complex optical assemblies typical with standard camera inspection technologies.
Discovery Enterprise, winner of a MUST SEE ‘EMS award at GRAPH EXPO 2014, provides a single point of control for managing integrity and print quality across all your printing and finishing devices. Enterprise enables production flexibility, increasing asset utilization, throughput and operational performance. This product is being launched to the US market, following the great success we have had in Europe and Asia.
Plastic Card Verification Solutions. Verifying variable data printed or embossed on plastic cards is critical to combat fraud and minimize operational problems once the card is issued. Based on Lake Image’s core product, Discovery Multiscan, two Plastic Card Verification solutions will be demonstrated:
Using a Pineberry card feeder, Discovery Multiscan verifies all variable data and barcodes are positioned correctly and are accurate. Discovery PQExpress checks the face of the card for print defects such as ink spots, streaks and voids. Defective cards are automatically diverted.
Plastic cards with embossed numbers and variable data are read and matched against a database.
Collation Control and Integrity Verification solution. Our partner, Mailroom Dynamics, will be demonstrating their new Elite MRD438 Feeder/Folder, which features increased processing speeds of up to 50,000 sheets per hour, enhanced reliability, production reporting and remote diagnostics coupled with Lake Image’s Discovery Multiscan to provide complete page-level and set-level collation control and integrity verification.
These market-leading solution portfolios and capabilities offers Graph Expo visitors a unique insight into how these solutions can meet integrity and print inspection needs of real-world applications and how they can be integrated cost effectively into multivendor production environments.
“We’re thrilled to be demonstrating our award winning solutions at GRAPH EXPO” says Scott Stevens, President for Lake Image Systems Inc. “Variable data and print quality tools are becoming critical parts of many print production workflows and we invite visitors to our booth to explore our full range of solutions based on real-life applications.”
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