New Neenah Promotion “Fresh Takes on Classic Type” is Eye Candy for Type Lovers

Monday 29. August 2016 - Six interactive stories highlight type designers, contemporary typefaces, and the use of digital technology.

Seeing is believing, touching is engaging, paper sends a message your hands can read even with your eyes shut…so starts the new Fresh Takes on Classic Type on CLASSIC Papers (#typelove) promotion from Neenah. This big, bold, beautiful and playful new book is a book that designers will want to read with their eyes wide open.

Designed by Kansas City and San Francisco-based Willoughby Design, Fresh Takes on Classic Type on CLASSIC Papers is a luxurious, oversized 9.5″ x 12″, French-fold book. Six highly tactile, visually fresh, and delightfully interactive spreads showcase six stories designed around a specific typeface and its creator.

As the central focus of the book’s design, Willoughby selected various typefaces to represent the “new classics” of typographic design, thus showcasing contemporary type, and the versatility of the legendary Neenah CLASSIC Papers.

“Nothing makes a designer happier than type,” says Ann Willoughby, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Willoughby Design, “And with the technologies we have today, digital and analog worlds are united in an unlimited possibility of expression. It’s never been a better time to be a designer.”

From newcomers to renowned typographical masters, the book features typefaces by Jessica Hische, Luke Lisi, Erik Spiekermann, Matthew Carter, and Nicole and Petra Kapitza. Each typeface is the star of its own story, told through design, a variety of printing techniques and the textures and colors of signature Neenah CLASSIC brands: CLASSIC CREST, CLASSIC Linen, CLASSIC Laid, and CLASSIC COLUMNS Papers.

This interactive book has it all: typography, graphic design, traditional offset and UV printing, four-color imagery and spot color, foil stamping, spot thick UV, embossing and debossing, intricate die-cuts, and all showcased on a variety of CLASSIC papers to keep the viewer seeing, engaging, touching, and reading over and over.

Neenah Senior Brand Manager, Kathy Kemps says, “At Neenah we invest in creating beautiful books like these to function as idea starters for designers. Willoughby Design has given us page after page of inspiration for design, print and paper possibilities.”

To see, touch, and explore all six stories, get a free copy of new Fresh Takes on Classic Type on CLASSIC Papers through your Neenah rep or your local merchant.
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