Highlights with dayglow inks

Thursday 11. August 2016 - hubergroup launches new dayglow inks for the offset market that require just a single printing unit to develop their full, intensive visual impact

Printing-ink manufacturer hubergroup has recently upgraded the colour gamut of its range of dayglow inks. These speciality inks are based on a totally new formulation and are exceedingly impressive thanks to their reliable colour fidelity and intensive radiance. To exploit all of the potential advantages of the raw materials used, both the vehicle and the pigment base have been completely re-engineered. The basis for the 14 reference PANTONE PLUS “Neon Basic Colors” are seven basic colour shades. PANTONE 801-807 shades are monopigmented, while the 808-814 shades consist of mixtures of seven basic colours.

Thanks to the bright, pure pigments used, dayglow inks truly catch the eye of the beholder and are therefore highly suitable for mailshots, promotional flyers, invitations and greeting cards.

Dayglow inks can be used just like any other conventional offset inks. The higher degree of pigment saturation of hubergroup’s dayglow inks enables brilliant results to be achieved even when applying thinner film weights and using just a single printing unit. As a rule, there’s no need for a second printing unit in order to produce an intensive colour impact. Thanks to the lower application rate, it’s now also possible to reproduce more finely structured motifs without the risk of encountering printing problems. This opens up new horizons especially for creative designers: whereas dayglow inks used to be restricted to printing solids, they can now be used to print the subjects of motifs and fine line drawings. This offers print houses an opportunity to approach their target group with new offerings.
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